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WHS Science Honor Society's Science Expo at Little Britain

     On Friday November 3, 2017, over 15 Washingtonville High School students participated in the Science Expo hosted by Little Britain Elementary. The older students ran experiments to show the children all of the fun, hands on activities that they could do at home--with adult supervision, of course. Some of the experiments presented by the high school students included making clouds in a bottle with Julia McNeilly and Ruth Gannon, fluorescent volcanoes with Angela Strelevitz and Joanna Ogrodnik, an air pressure demonstration by Mary Gannon and Aryanna Maurya, slime making with Nick Meyer, Joe Lim, and Liam McDermott, surface tension with Kyle Thompson, oobleck, a non newtonian fluid with Eamon McAuliffe, elephant toothpaste by Sam Garcia, Brendan Pardo, Abby Evans, Nef Gomez, and Alex Cestari, Nina Castillo and Victoria Pecovic ran a coke and mentos station, and finally Max Kissack with an egg-speriment. The students from the high school who volunteered were eleventh and twelfth graders. While there were no prizes for them, there were awards presented to the students of Little Britain Elementary School for their great efforts.  The elementary students enjoyed the fascinating experiments run by the high schoolers, especially making and keeping their own slime. On the other hand, the high schoolers enjoyed observing all of the elementary students’ projects and asking them mind boggling questions. This was a great experience for all of the students involved.

-Ruth Gannon and Joanna Ogrodnik