WCSD Communication Survey Live
Starting 6/3/2019 and ending on 6/17/2019
Event Groups:
• Washingtonville High School - Washingtonville High School Events
• Little Britain Elementary School - Little Britain Elementary School Events
• Round Hill Elementary School - Round Hill Elementary School Events
• Taft Elementary School - Taft Elementary School Events
• Teacher Center - Teacher Center Events
• Washingtonville Middle School - Middle School Events
Knowing that effective communication is essential to supporting our students’ success as well as our success as a school district, the District has partnered with educational communication experts from School Communications Performance Evaluation (SCoPE) Surveys to gather stakeholder input on the effectiveness of the District’s communications. The survey will open on June 3, 2019 and will remain active until June 17, 2019. Learn more here: www.ws.k12.ny.us/ScopeSurvey.aspx
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