Mr. Nacerino & Mr. Gallagher

We're really pleased to announce that T-Shirts coming! The company did a really terrific job on the design and we're excited to place the order very shortly.

May 11: Today we picked up 4 pounds of trash (37.5 lbs to date) along the way and at the park. When we got there, we split into two groups. Mr. Gallagher took some kids to weed the flower beds and Mr. Nacerino worked with others to get rid of the overgrown moss and weeds that were growing between the bricks. Take a look at some before and after pictures in the pic section!

March 8: MPMC headed out to the park today. Along the way we picked up 15.5 pounds of trash! While at the park we cleaned up a lot of litter around the entrance and surroundings. We also bagged a ton of leaves. See the before and after pics as well as some action shots in the pic section!

January & February: typically our snow shoveling months, but no snow this year to shovel!

December 18: Today we collected 5 pounds of trash from the streets and park. Our main job though raking and clearing 5 bags worth of leaves. Also, some of the shrubs and walkway bricks were weeded and swept. Check the picture section for some action shots!

November 20: Today the MPMC took 13 pounds of trash off the streets and from the park. We also bagged 2 heavy duty black construction bags worth of leaves from the walkway and areas surrounding the memorial.