Wellness Club

Washingtonville Central School District sponsors seminars on various wellness topics. These seminars are open to local communities such as Chester and Cornwall as well as the members of the Washingtonville district. Past seminars included treatment of depression and suicide prevention; eating disorders; and cyber safety.


Washingtonville Schools Presents Wellness Series part 4
A Community Forum on Sports, Concussions & Other Head Injuries: How to Prevent Them and What Not to Ignore.

Presented Monday, November 28, 2011
7:00 pm
Washingtonville High School

Presenters: Matt Donaldson, M.A.Ed. , Physical Education & Health Teacher, Coach, WCSD John Kosowicz, Athletic Trainer, WCSD Barbara Gannon, MD., Washingtonville Pediatrics

Internet Safety & Cyberbullying

Washingtonville Schools Presents Wellness... Part 3
A Community Forum on 21st Century Parenting: “Understand Technology and Keep Your Children Safe”

Presented on Thursday, April 7, 2011


  1. Lori Hulle (HS,Student Assistance Counselor) -Introduce Panelists / Importance of the Topic / Discuss Bullying & Cyber bullying
  2. Teresa Thompson (MS, Asst. Principal) - Navigating Social Networks / What Parents Need Know / SNS Contracts
  3. Investigator Bien - Cyber bullying / Online Threats / Sexting / Creating False Accounts & the Legal Ramifications of these Incidents
  4. Beth L. Sims (Shaw Perelson, May & Lambert, LLC) - Freedom of Speech / Students Rights / When Online Issues Become A School Matter – Conditions & Limitations

Depression & Suicide Prevention

Washingtonville Schools Presents Wellness... A Community Forum on Understanding Anxiety, Stress, Depression and Suicide Prevention

This presentation was sponsored by the WEL Foundation, in Partnership with the Family Empowerment Council and Washingtonville Central School District

Presented on Thursday, May 13, 2010