Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a free web browser developed by Google. Google Chrome aims to be secure, fast and simple. With a simple download, Google Chrome can be added to any Windows or Apple device.

Chrome is a browser in the cloud, which means it is a web-based technology that makes it possible for users to access features such as bookmarks, recent tabs and extensions from anywhere.

Use these directions to log in to Google Chrome when you are using a device other than a Chromebook.

How to log in to Chrome
Multiple Users on Chrome

It is understood that while at home students may access Chrome while using a shared computer or device. If this is the case, students will need to be sure they properly sign-out of Chrome to ensure that each student account is used only by the student to whom it was issued. See below to learn how to properly log out of your Google Apps for Education account.

Multi-Functional Address Bar

When using Chrome, users do not have to make a special trip to Google.com to conduct a web search. Google merged the address bar and search bar within the Chrome interface to make it simple for users to either directly navigate to websites or utilize the built-in search engine.

Navigate directly to websites using web address:

Utilize the built-in search engine by using keywords:

Adding Bookmarks to Chrome

Adding bookmarks to Chrome allows users to save and organize favorite websites for easy access whenever needed.