FOIL Request

District Records Access Officer:
Lorine Van Put-Lamerand
52 West Main Street
Washingtonville, NY  10992
(845) 497-4000 ext. 27033

You can print the request form and mail it to our Records Access Officer PRINTABLE FOIL REQUEST FORM or complete the ONLINE FOIL REQUEST FORM.

New York State's Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) allows members of the public to access records of governmental or educational agencies.

Foil requests must be made in writing, either in hard copy or electronically, to the Records Access Officer. The school district must respond within five business days of the receipt of a written request by making the record available, by issuing a written denial, or by acknowledging the request and stating approximately when the request will be granted or denied within a reasonable time based upon the circumstances of the request

If you are unable to view this form, contact the district records officer at (845) 497-4000 ext. 27033.  A representative of the district will respond within seven (7) days.