High School Art Department Course Offerings

Here are the WHS Art Department Course Offerings. Should you have any questions about the course offerings or would like further details, please contact me or any of the other Art Teachers.

New York State requires that each student earn at least one credit from the Arts (Art/Music), as needed for graduation from High School (Regents / Advanced Regents Diploma). Please see the WHS Course Guide at the bottom of the page for more details.

Core Art Courses
(1 Unit/Credit Each)

Studio in Art

Mrs. Stringer / Mr. Strommer

Drawing and Painting
Mr. Affeldt / Mr. Strommer

Mr. Strommer

Ms Held

*Either Sculpture or Clay fulfills the 3-D requirement of the “Core Courses”

Art Electives
(1 Unit/Credit Each)

Computer Graphic Design


Journalism & Media Studies
1 English (elective) & 1 Art Credit (elective) Granted
Ms Carnright 

Digital Photography
Mr. Waldie


Fashion Design & Illustration
Mrs. Stringer

Portfolio Development
Mr. Affeldt

Independent Studies (General Studies)

Independent Study in AP Studio Art
Mr. Affeldt