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Student Chromebook Distribution

Dear Parents and Guardians: 

As we begin to prepare for the opening of school, the Technology Department has been dedicated to its goal of providing digital equity and access to all of its students. Based on the parent/guardian survey results, about 40% of our student population are in need of a device, and about 2% lack connectivity to the Internet.

The district will be distributing Chromebooks to students who need access to a device. The Chromebook distribution is part of the district’s ongoing 1:1 computer/technology initiative to ensure all students have access to a device to facilitate virtual learning, regardless if there are already home devices available for use. Students will be assigned a device for the school year, which they will need to bring to and from school.  Families will have the opportunity to purchase insurance on devices, either for the ones already borrowed or ones being picked up. Once you have the device you can visit this portal: to purchase insurance. 

We will be reaching out to families who have notified us regarding their lack of connectivity to help provide internet access.  The district’s Reopening Plan incorporates a blend of synchronous and asynchronous instruction, which will require students to have access to both technology and the Internet from home.

The Washingtonville Central School District will handle the 2020-21 school year Chromebook distribution via PickATime, currently used for parent/teacher conference scheduling, which will open for scheduling again September 7, 2020, at 5:00 pm. For any student that needs to borrow a Chromebook from the district, please sign up for a specific time slot to pick up your student(s) devices through PickATime. If you have children in multiple buildings you will need to schedule a pick-up time at each building.   

New to PickATime?

You can view log-in instructions available here.

Chromebook distribution will take place at all of our buildings as follows: 

  • Tuesday, September 8, 2020, from  8:00, am to 7:00 pm.
  • Wednesday, September 9, 2020, from 8:00, am to 7:00 pm.

Make an Appointment

The link below will be "LIVE" at 5:00 pm September 7, 2020

Book a Student Device HERE


  • If you have children in multiple buildings, you will need to schedule a pick-up time at each building. 
  • Be sure to choose the correct school.
  • Students will be assigned a device for the school year, which they will need to bring to and from school.
  • At the elementary level only, if you borrowed a Chromebook in the Spring, you will need to return the loaned Chromebook to exchange for the elementary model. 
  • If you have a district loaned Chromebook at the secondary level, you do not need to return it. You can keep the Chromebook for the year. 

Visit this page on our website at 5:00 pm this evening to make an appointment:


Q: Do elementary students NEED a touchscreen device to do their work?

A: No. A touchscreen is NOT required.

Q: I borrowed a Chromebook for my elementary student last year. It is not a touch screen. Should I make an appointment to exchange this one?

A: Yes. Please make an appointment to exchange the one your student borrowed last year.

Q: If we borrow a District Chromebook, does my child need to bring that Chromebook to school on the in person-days once Hybrid begins?

A: Yes. If a student borrows a district Chromebook, they must bring it back and forth to school on the in person days, fully charged.

Q: We plan to let our children use their own personal devices when working from home. Can they bring those into the district on the in-person days?

A: No, they cannot bring personal devices into the district.

Q: My child wants to use their personal device at home. Will there be a device for them on the days they are in person?

A: If your child does not borrow a District Chromebook, there will be a cart of Chromebooks available for them to use while in school.

Q: I have a child moving into the sixth-grade. We borrowed a district Chromebook last spring. Are they able to keep that device?

A: Yes, they are. They will need to bring that back and forth on the days they are in person.

Q: Am I able to purchase insurance for the Chromebooks my children are borrowing?

A: Yes! Please visit to purchase a policy. Attached to this email are the flyers explaining more.

Q: What are the costs if my child damages or loses their Chromebook?

A: Without insurance, they are as follows: 

Chromebook= $250

Charger = $35

Broken Screen = $40

Broken Keyboard = $25

Broken or Missing Keys $15.00-$25.00

Intentional Cosmetic Damage $15.00-full cost of the item

Joe Catania
Director of Data Management & Technology