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Optional Chromebook Insurance Available Through Securranty

Optional Chromebook insurance is available for interested Washingtonville families through Securranty.

Q: What are the costs if my child damages or loses their Chromebook?

A: Without insurance, they are as follows: 

Chromebook= $250

Charger = $35

Broken Screen = $40

Broken Keyboard = $25

Broken or Missing Keys $15 to $25

Intentional Cosmetic Damage $15 to full cost of the item

If you need to make a claim, it's very easy! If you have any issues:

1. File a claim with the insurance company

2. Families then print the pre-paid shipping label and ship the damaged device to the insurance company.

3. The family can then pick up a loaner device from the district

4. When the device is returned to the district, repaired by the insurance company, students will need to swap out their loaner device for the repaired device.