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Washingtonville Central School District has made strides in reducing its carbon footprint with the use of four propane-powered school buses. Since 2011, the district has been adding propane powered school buses to its fleet, making it the first district in Orange County to use alternative fueled buses.


Private/Parochial Transportation Applications Babysitting/Daycare requests do not carry over from school year to school year. A new form for each request must be submitted each school year for each individual child.

Click here for the Bus Stop Review Request form


Any request for transportation to non-public schools must be filed EVERY YEAR with the Washingtonville Central School District PRIOR TO APRIL 1st of the preceding school year.

* Section 3635 of New York State Education Law mandates the Washingtonville Central School District to provide transportation to private and parochial schools within the District comparable to transportation to District schools. All students enrolled in non-public schools who live within a 15-mile radius of the school they attend must be provided transportation by the district pursuant to New York State Education Law.

Click here for NYSED information regarding transportation for students enrolled in non-public schools.


The Washingtonville Central School District transports over 5,000 students daily to five public schools, BOCES Occupational and Special Education, and various private and parochial schools. Students who do not follow transportation rules and regulations are subject to loss of transportation privileges.

  • The bus driver has complete authority over all school bus students and the power to enforce all rules and regulations on the bus.

  • Students shall be ready when the bus arrives and shall enter promptly and students shall not board or leave the bus while it is in motion.
  • There shall be no unusual loudness in the way of talking or unnecessary confusion that will interfere with the effectiveness of the bus driver.
  • Shoving, pushing, profane and obscene language are prohibited on the bus.
  • Students shall keep heads, arms and hands inside the bus at all times.
  • There shall be no smoking, eating or drinking on the bus.
  • Students shall keep the bus clean and sanitary.
  • Students shall keep the seat assigned by the driver unless they have permission to move.
  • Students shall pass through the aisle to and from the seat assigned without disturbing or crowding other pupils.
  • Students shall remain seated and facing forward while the bus is in motion.
  • Students shall obey the driver promptly.
  • Students should realize that the driver has a serious responsibility and that it is everyone's duty to help.
  • Students wishing to not ride the bus, to transfer from one bus to another, or to get off at a place other than their regular stop, must have written permission from their parent and the principal.
  • Students must always look at the driver and wait for the signal before crossing, which is done approximately 15 feet in front of the bus.
  • Principals may suspend a student from transportation privileges if his/her conduct interferes with bus safety or rules.
  • Supervision to, from and at the bus stop is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Parents are urged to assist children across roadways at or near the bus stop.
  • Seat belts are installed in all new buses. Wearing of belts is mandatory in vehicles with a capacity of 7 or fewer students and optional on larger vehicles.
  • Students shall not eat or drink on the bus. This includes chewing gum.

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Paul Nienstadt
Assistant Superintendent of Operations and Safety
Ext 27111

Ralph Perez
Assistant Director of Transportation
Ext 27135

Jodee Thomas
Ext 27132

Jessica Edwards
Daycare Requests
Ext 27134

Laura Smith
Head Bus Driver
Driver Inquiries/Applications/Driver Training
Ext 27133

Ellen Calandra
Ext 27101

Alisa McCarthy
Ext 27102 


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