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Online Learning Guide for Parents

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We acknowledge that remote learning does not replicate the classroom environments our teachers create for your children each day. Nonetheless, it is our goal to provide as much instructional continuity as possible for students during this extended school closure.  We are facing an incredibly challenging situation and we are asking a lot of teachers, parents and students. We realize that families are trying to support the “virtual” education of their children, while working from home, dealing with the illness of family members, and caring for loved ones during these unprecedented times. We respect and understand that everyone is doing their very best to make this a successful experience and that while some things will work easily, others will not be as successful. Remote teaching is hard work and it is receiving a lot of time and attention from our administrative team, faculty and staff. We deeply appreciate the high level of professionalism of our faculty and staff and know that we will continue to strive to deliver quality education in a difficult environment. These are extraordinary times, and we are continuing to make this a positive learning experience for your children.This document provides families with information aligned with our faculty guidelines for supporting students and their families during remote learning. Our teachers are creating plans that will focus on the essential skills and concepts to maintain a modified learning environment for students while they are home during this time of extended school closures. These plans may evolve as we continue to teach in this new environment, so your patience and support is appreciated!


As we transition to the new “world” of virtual learning, we will do our best to support and engage students through meaningful and thoughtful learning experiences. Our teachers will be collaborating with their departments/grade levels and working as “teams” to create lessons focusing on key concepts and essential skills. Each “team” of teachers will be working to create lessons and assignments for approximately two hours of instruction per subject/week.

At each level, we have created a daily schedule for students to follow for their learning based on the different content areas. Each “team” will post their lessons and assignments on the days outlined on the schedule. Students will have access to these lessons and assignments through their Google Classrooms. To the extent possible, we will emphasize technology platforms that are familiar to our students. Student learning objectives will be communicated to the students with each lesson and key concepts and essential skills will be introduced in a variety of ways. We will continue to provide age-appropriate ways for students to interact with their teachers and classmates through video, audio, discussion boards or chats. Teachers will continue to assess student progress and provide feedback. Our support staff will continue to provide support to our students and their families to the best of our ability. The expectations for remote student learning beginning April 6, 2020 are outlined in each grade level section below.


Middle School

High School


We want to continue to support our students who receive or need additional services while our school buildings are closed. Please review the various support services below and contact your child’s principal should you need further support.

Delivery of Assignments and Instruction

  • Teachers will provide instruction through approved remote learning resources (ie. Google Classroom, Kami, Screencastify, Google Remote, etc.)
  • Faculty will use Google Classroom as the platform for communicating with students. This includes posting assignments, resources, and general announcements. Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc. can be uploaded to Google Classroom.
  • Students may be assigned work to complete that will be posted on Google Classroom. Assignments resources will also be posted in case students do not have them at home.
  • Only students that do not have access to technology will participate in our self-directed instructional plan and receive paper packets of work to complete. Classroom teachers have arranged this on an individual basis.


  • Develop an at-home work schedule that provides consistency and supports your child’s learning needs. Frequent breaks are a good idea.
  • If possible, set aside a quiet area in your home that your children can use as their work space. This may be a desk area in a common room or table in another area of the home.
  • Find time each day to be active, preferably outside, if possible. Take a daily walk. If you are not able to go out, try some indoor activities, such as yoga.
  • Find time to relax and provide self-care for each member of your family. These are stressful times, so take care of yourself and each other.
  • Allow your child to have preferred snacks while doing school work.
  • No one expects perfection - you are not replicating school; you are helping your child to continue to learn and grow during a difficult situation.

Technology Guidelines & Expectations

Nurse/Nurse Practitioner

Our school nurses will remain in contact with families regarding specific needs. Our nursing staff will continue to stay informed and participate in updates on the emerging developments which may impact our school community. Please continue to visit our District website for updated information regarding COVID-19.

  • Washingtonville HS Janice Rowe
  • Washingtonville HS/MS Marianna Sackmann 
  • Washingtonville MS Maryke Troast
  • Round Hill Elementary Val Sullivan
  • Taft Elementary Colleen Davy
  • Little Britain Elementary Sherri Fraser

Mental Health/SEL Resources available here: Mental Health/Social-Emotional Resources

Important Note: If your family is experiencing a crisis or medical emergency, please use 911 services.



All WCSD school buildings and outdoor facilities including fields, playgrounds, track, etc., are closed until further notice. 


The Section IX executive committee has postponed all practices, combined practices, scrimmages and contests until further notice. The status of spring sports will be reassessed on April 15. For questions about athletics, please reach out to Gary Vyskocil, Director of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics at


Please contact your child's teacher if you have questions specific to a lesson or assignment or to discuss your child’s progress. Teachers will continue to use email, their usual mode of communication with parents.

Please contact your child's school Principal if you have questions specific to a specific school. Principals will continue to use email for communication. Here are the email addresses of the Principals:

  • WHS- Mr. Brian Connolly-
  • WMS- Ms. Teresa Thompson-
  • Round Hill- Mr. Steve Kiel-
  • Taft- Mrs. Christine Williams-
  • Little Britain- Mrs. Sagrario Rudecindo-O’Neill-

For technology questions, please contact Joe Catania- To get support for any parent/student technology issues, see Help desk link.

For special education questions, please contact Dr.Michael Cogliano, Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services at or Mrs. Margo Bell, Supervisor of Special Education at

For curriculum-related, schedule, or more general questions please contact Barbara Quinn, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction at