A Board of Education meeting is a meeting of the trustees of your school district for the lawful transaction of the business of the district. It must be conducted in a specified manner because State laws and regulations require certain formal actions and the following of certain procedures. Board members, as elected officials, must make sure that they complete all transactions required from them at each meeting as indicated in the meeting agenda.

Official business can be transacted by the Board only at Regular (Business) or Special Meetings, all of which are open to the public. Closed Executive Sessions may be held only for purposes designated by law, such as negotiations, property acquisitions, personnel or legal matters.

Work Session and Regular or Business meetings at 7:00 PM unless otherwise announced. These meetings are subject to change. Please check this website for updates or changes to the meeting schedule. Announcements of meetings will also be made in the Orange County Post. All meetings are open to the public except for Executive Sessions.



Student Success - To support and promote student success and achievement by creating college and career readiness. We need to attract and support a highly qualified and diverse staff that is student-centered, enthusiastic and committed to professional excellence. Form and support meaningful partnerships with business, higher education, and community organizations which benefit our students, teachers, and school district community. To that end, we are looking forward to opening Full Day Kindergarten in September 2019. Enhance student success by fostering cooperation with local, state, and federal agencies responsible for student safety.


Budget - To present and promote a budget that maximizes opportunities for students while controlling costs for district taxpayers, mindful of the state tax cap levy and the impact of all state mandates. We must also continue to work with our partners in advocacy OCSBA and NYSSBA, and also individually with our local politicians for equitable, adequate, sustainable and predictable foundation aid.


Communication - We must effectively and transparently communicate with all district stakeholders. We must use all avenues of communication, the district web page, and any other avenues at our disposal. We need to create an environment of mutual respect and cooperation to facilitate open communication with parents, businesses and our community.


Facilities - In the interest of good stewardship, and executing our fiduciary responsibilities to the WSCD and all its stakeholders, we will continue to encourage the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of all of our facilities. We will continue to monitor and oversee the progress of the capital building project. Ensure that all work is being done according to plan, on budget, and as far as practical on time. Ensure that all safety procedures are in place to protect the building occupants while projects are in progress. We will continue to work with the facilities committee, and the building condition survey to best serve the needs of all district stakeholders.

Adopted by the Board of Education: November 5, 2018