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Formerly WWWF Backpack Program
FOOD FOR KIDS is a non-profit organization developed by our Washingtonville local community. Our purpose is to help supply children in need in the Washingtonville Central School District with nutritious, easy-to-prepare food for weekends during the school year with an extension of the program during school breaks and weekdays during the summer months. This program is available to students who qualify for the federal Free and Reduced Lunch program or families that are experiencing a temporary financial hardship. Students will be provided with a backpack containing food items each Friday and then return the backpack to the nurse on Monday. Our school community in partnership with several community organizations, will foster the sustainability of the program totally through volunteering. One of our core beliefs is promoting a sense of philanthropy both in school and in the community. All Taft students will have the opportunity to contribute to FOOD FOR KIDS to promote caring and exercise the value of giving and volunteering. Program funding is through grants, donations, as well as fundraising events.
Food for Kids Approved Food List
  1. 100% fruit juice (individual cartons or juice boxes)
  2. Prepared pasta:  microwaveable cups (Chef Boyardee)
  3. Fruit cups (in fruit juice, light syrup, or sugar free)
  4. Raisins (individual boxes)
  5. Cereal (individual-serving boxes or bowls)
  6. Granola bars (any variety)
  7. Pudding cups
  8. Jell-o cups
  9. Microwaveable mac & cheese cups
  10. Cheese & cracker packs
  11. Peanut butter & cracker packs
  12. Applesauce (individual cups)
  13. Pretzels (individual bags)
  14. Baked potato chips (individual bags)
  15. Popcorn
  16. Fresh fruit (when available)
  17. Soups
  18. Individual small 8 oz. water bottles
  19. Milk (shelf stable)
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