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Welcome Students and Parents to the 2018 - 19 school year! I will list important information on this page. There may be some days I cannot update; therefore, the planner is always the first source you should use. 

November News:

Parents: Please sign up for parent/teacher conferences if you haven't already. I look forward to meeting with you. 

Quarterly Assessments will be given in class over the next week.  The ELA test is a reading comprehension test incorporating the skills we have been working on.  Students can review figurative language, otherwise they are prepared.  I will give out a study guide for the science test with important vocabulary and concepts to review.  

Are you reviewing your notes nightly?

Are you making study tools and using them at home?  

Are you using Google Classroom as a resource to study from?

Are you reading 15-20 minutes nightly?

If not... what are you waiting for?



Picture Day - Wed:  6F - Thursday: 6R


Spelling quiz Wed or Thurs, in your block class. Review the WUF list. 

Review the 4 Types of Sentences.  Google Classroom Quiz later this week - you may use the notes in SLIDES you created in class.  

The rough draft of your "Bud" character sketch is due.  We are starting the final copy poster in class. 


Review the notes page and vocabulary on the Earth's layers. Quiz next Thursday or Friday in your block class.  Finish any unfinished work on the ativity list for HW.

Week of 9/24


Spelling WUF Quiz next week:    6R - Wed    6F - Thursday Review the list nightly.  Optional practice:  Write challenging words 3x each.  

Scientific Method Quiz:   Monday - 6F    Tues. - 6R  



Week of 9/17       

Return chromebook contracts by Friday, 9/21.                                         Holiday - no school Wednesday.

ELA:  This week we will be reading Bud, Not Buddy, Chapters 2 & 3 in class.  There will be a quiz on Chapters 1-3 on Friday or Monday in your block class. You may use the book to help you find text evidence to support your answers.  We are focusing on making inferences about Bud's character.

Writing: We are continuing to compile lists in writer's workshop.  We are building our folders with narrative writings.  We will edit and revise these lessons throughout the 1st quarter as we work on writing skills.

Spelling:  Start reviewing the WUF K-6 list.  You are required to spell these words correctly in all of your writing. You will be quizzed on these words each quarter.  The first quiz will be in a couple of weeks.  Date TBD.

Science: We are doing the Yummy Lab this week.  We will follow the steps to the scientific method to answer the question... How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? 

Study your notes:  Quiz on the scientific method is next Monday or Tuesday in your block class.


Week of 9/12

ELA:  Start reading for pleasure at home (15-20 minutes/night). If you don't have a book, you can select one from the school library.  We started reading our class book, Bud, Not Buddy this week. We also began writer's workshop and are generating ideas for writing using lists. Students have already starting filling their folder with writings about their favorite people and food. 


Science:  We have started the scientific method.  Review the steps nightly. You will have your first "yummy" lab next week.  

Quiz on the scientific method on 9/24 (F) and 9/25 (R). Notes are in your notebook and in Google Classroom. 


Important: Open House in on Wednesday, 9/12 at 6:30.  A letter was sent home today.  

Try having all supplies by the end of this week: 

Binder  - Folders for each class  - Marble notebooks for each class  -Pencil/pens in a case  -  Box of crayons or colored pencils - Earbuds or headphones




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