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Our main focus for the month of October is "6 Laws of Exponents" and "Scientific Notation". We will use the six exponent laws to simplify expressions. We will learn the basics of scientific notation and where/why it is used in the real world. Students will learn how to multiply and dividde numbers in scientific notation. 
  • Quiz #2 "6 Laws of Exponents" will be given on/about10/9 & 10/10. HW#3 will be a good resources to review before the quiz.
  • Unit Test: "Laws of Exponents" on 10/18 & 10/19
  • October Skills Review Packet is due no later than 10/23
  • Students are reminded to check his/her school email for weekly/biweekly reminders and updates from math class 
  • Extra help is always available, students must see me to schedule an appointment in advance. 
Some words of wisdom from Tamburri's former students...
"Study in advance, do not wait until the last minute to do your work."  D.Daiz  
"An effort a day, helps to keep failure away." H. Aines
" Have a strong work ethic, never give up." R. Randazzo
"Take advantage of bonus points and extra credit."  C. Velez 
"Work" J. McVey
   A consistent effort both in and out of math class will result in a very successful year for all. I look forward to working with each of you.
 Math Supplies
 Math supplies needed to participate in class each day:

1" binder with loose-leaf paper

( Binders should be divided into 3 sections: Class Work/ Homework/ Test & Quizzes)

Composition Notebook 

(Composition notebooks will be kept in our math classroom) 

Three ring pencil case

Scientific Calculator (example: TI-30XIIS)

Student Planner




Textbooks will be used as a resource and will be kept at home.


Math Extra Help:

Extra help is avaiable by appointment 

Please see me to schedule an appointment for extra help after school from 2:15 - 3:00.  
Students are welcome to come in and work on homework, make flashcards, organize your binder, make corrections on quizzes/tests and go over any questions you may have.
Students can take the late bus home and/or parents can pick students up in the front of the middle school
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