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Spelling Strategies

Spelling is taught in first grade along with sight words.  Each Friday after the new year, you can take a sneak peek at out spelling list in our weekly news. Your child will receive a list of words on Friday so he/she can review and practice them prior to the weekly test. Also, you will receive a list of 25 hands on ways for your child to also practice these important words. Students will be expected to spell sight words correctly at all times after they are introduced. Students can use their personal dictionary to verify the spelling of these words if needed. These words will also be listed on a word wall so the children may refer to them at any time.

Please keep in mind that spelling is learned through writing, not in isolation alone. Students need to have mastery of the alphabet and be able to pronounce, read and write the 26 individual letters with proficiency. 

Here is a link to Spelling City which will allow your child to practice the daily words on the computer or tablet.     Have fun!!


Spelling Suggestions
1. Have your child say the word and spell it aloud.
2. Practice spelling the word aloud, and then spell it in air or on someone's back. After practicing the word this way spell it on paper.
Be sure review the words nightly.
3. Write the words on index cards and play concentration with a twist. Once a pair is matched your child must spell the word without looking at it.
4. Dictate short sentences using the spelling words and have your child write the sentences. Be sure to correct this immediately and go over any errors your child made.
5. Find the words in a magazine and make a collage. 
6. E-mail your spelling words to a relative and friend. See how many of the words you can use in a note to them. 
7. Use various items to allow your child to spell the word. For example: magnetic letters, cheerios, alphabet shaped pretzels, shaving cream, play dough, clay, mini-marshmallows, M & M's, etc.

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