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SPELLING, GRAMMAR, WRITING RULES -  Throughout the year students will work on different rules that they learn and work on by completing a daily Do-Now when we meet as a class.  These Do-Nows are a chance for students to practice these rules.
DO NOWS - After FIVE Do-nows, they are collected and graded based on completeness.  To receive full credit all Do-Nows must be handed in on time and complete.  Missing or incomplete Do-Nows will result in a lower grade.
QUIZZES - Students are quizzed on Do-Nows, before we start on a new rule.
STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES -  If a student is absent they may check on this website or in our Do-Now binder in class to get any Do-Now that was missed.
I before E Rule
Their/They're/There - To/Two/Too - Your/You're
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