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Attendance Regulations

Regular school attendance is required of all pupils. Frequent absences can severely affect a pupil's learning. The school recognizes there are some absences that are unavoidable and urge that sick children remain at home. However, we just as strongly urge that well children be sent to school. Parents are encouraged to assist in this regard.

Absences for medical or dental visitations and religious observations are valid absences but should take place, where possible, outside school hours. Students will only be released from school to attend a religious service when a parent or guardian has sent a note to the school at least one day in advance requesting the release. Absences for the following reasons will be considered illegal absences: visiting, away for vacations, shopping, needed at home, caring for baby, work, no shoes, overslept, etc. This is based on the rules of the Commissioner of Education and the State Education Law and shall be considered unexcused absences and/or lateness. School personnel will not be required to supply assignments, homework, test make-ups, etc., to those students who are absent from school for reasons such as these.

State aid under New York State Law is affected by unnecessary absences, as support is based on the average daily attendance of pupils. If your child is absent from school, the following procedure should be followed:

    • Give your child a signed, written excuse for the absence.
    • When the child arrives at school, he/she will present the excuse to the teacher.
    • If the absence was due to a communicable disease, the child will be asked to report to the school nurse for a brief examination to determine if the child should be in school
    • The school nurse, after examination, will decide whether or not the child may return to class.
School Attendance Directory

Attendance Office
Washingtonville High School

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Attendance Office
Washingtonville Middle School

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Health Office
Little Britain Elementary School

Phone: (845) 497-4000, Ext. 23531
Fax: (845) 497-4003

Health Office
Round Hill Elementary School

Phone: (845) 497-4000, Ext. 25531
Fax: (845) 497-4082

Health Office
Taft Elementary School

Phone: 845-497-4000, Ext. 22531
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