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The world of health has changed dramatically throughout the centuries.  This is due to dedication of individuals attempting to better the quality of life for the human race.   Throughout the  process, many  inventions and discoveries have been developed that have made amazing impacts on our lives.  Unfortunately not all inventions have been successful or even safe for use, but none the less, they still have had an impact on the world.                                                    
Each student will research a health invention or discovery of their choice and write a 2-3 page paper based on their research.  This assignment will be completed outside of class.  The students will be given an outline of the assignment to follow.  If computer availability is an issue, students may stay after school with Mrs. Dempsey to work on the project.  
Due Date: February 28th 

The following are some topics that would be appropriate for this research paper. You may choose from the list or find a topic on your own.

Inventions: Magnifying glass, eye glasses, stethoscope, anesthesia, x-rays, electrocardiogram, pace maker, organ transplants, ultrasound, insulin pump, incubator, corrective eye surgery, hand sanitizer, wheel chair, OTC drugs

Discoveries: Penicillin, radium, nutrition, vitamins, vaccinations, cures for illnesses, HIV, viruses/bacteria, germ theory, physical therapy, blood transfusions

You must use reliable sources of information for this research paper. A works cited page will be required along with your written paper. The works cited format will be reviewed during class and can be accessed on the middle school library page on the WMS website.

An outline for this assignment has been provided for you. Please follow the outline so that the maximum amount of points can be gained.


Research Paper Outline

Incorporate the following information into your research paper.

Introduction Paragraph-

-Describe the invention/discovery

-How does the invention work?

-How long has it been around? When discovered?

-Who developed/discovered? (person/company/country)

Paragraph 2-

-What need does this invention fulfill? (illness, nutrition, weight loss, diabetes, etc.)

-Who will benefit?

Paragraph 3-

-If this was not invented/discovered, what could have resulted? (ex. Death, poor quality of life, transmission of disease etc.)

-What was previously used to help before this was invented?

Paragraph 4-

-Does this positively or negatively affect the field of health? Explain how.

-Is this still around today?

-What modifications have been made throughout the years?

Works Cited Page-

-Students must provide a works cited page with all the sources that were used.

-Reference the middle school library page to help with citation

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