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Children who have had an opportunity to be read to every day and take the time to read on their own every day will become readers. Readers are people who DO read -- NOT just people who can read!

It is very important to your child's reading development that your child practice reading consistently on a daily basis. Did you know that if your child is reading just 20 minutes a day for one year, he/she will be exposed to one million words as well as increase spelling, grammar and writing skills?? A minimum of 15 minutes a night should be spent with your child reading a book that he/she chooses. If the book your child chooses to read is too difficult for him/her to read then please take the opportunity to read the book aloud to your child. Keep in mind that a child will choose a book to read based on interest. It is this interest in topics that will inspire and motivate a child to work hard to read the materials independently.

A general rule used to determine whether a book is too difficult to read is called the "five finger rule". Have your child read the first page of the book he/she chose to read. Each time your child comes to a word he/she does not know they put up a finger. If by the end of the first page your child has 5 fingers up then the book is too challenging at this time. Encourage your child to choose another book to read. You may want to read the more difficult book aloud to your child if they really would like to read it.

   Reading Strategies    
While your child is reading keep in mind these helpful hints that will help your child read fluently and assist in their comprehension of the story.
  1. Have your child refer to picture clues when trying to decode an unknown word.
  2. Skip an unknown word and read to the end of the sentence. THINK about a word that would MAKE SENSE in the sentence and go back and RE-READ the sentence.
  3. If your child reads a sentence and it DOESN'T make sense, have them re-read the sentence and think about it. Sometimes it can be helpful for you to repeat what was actually said so the child can hear and realize that it didn't make sense.
  4. Look for "chunks" (smaller words) within the larger unknown words. Then have your child blend the word together.
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