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1.  I recently lost my job and I am having financial difficulty. Can I still apply for free or reduced lunch for my children?
YES. You can apply for free or reduced lunch throughout the year. Applications in both English and Spanish are available for download on the downloads page.
2.  If a student forgets their lunch money will he or she still be able to get lunch?
YES. Students will be allowed to charge a maximum of four lunches. Charged lunches should be paid back the next day.
3.  Can the school district refuse to feed my child?
YES. If your child does not receive free or reduced meals and owes the school lunch program for three or more meals we can choose to either not feed your child or feed them a meal of our choice.
4.  Why are student's required to pay for lunch? Shouldn't that be covered by my school taxes?
NO. The school lunch program is self-sufficient and relies on money raised through the sale of meals for its day-to-day operations.
5.  How do I open a school lunch account for my child?
Every student is automatically given a school lunch account. All you need to do is make a deposit into that account to activate it. You can sign up for on-line lunch account deposits on 
6.  I would like to make a deposit to my child's lunch account but I do not know the account number. Who should I call?
Lunch account numbers are the same as your student's school ID number. If your child does not know their ID number you can acquire it by calling the school's main office or the Food Service Office. You can also sign up for on-line account deposits at 
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