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Most Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How was my child selected for the program?

Students that did not meet or performed below the proficiency cut scores in the 2018 New York State ELA: 609 for fifth graders entering sixth grade, 602 sixth grade entering seventh, 607 for seventh graders entering eighth grade have been placed in program. Students who are presently in program are the students that scored a Level 1, “Below Proficiency,” or Level 2 , “Partially Proficient” in meeting the standards for their grade level.

2. How often will my child attend the program?

Your child will be seen on A, C days or B, D days for approximately forty-three minutes per session, 2/3 days per week.
3. How does my child test out of program?
Grades 3-8 ELA New York State test will be administered during the spring of 2019. Once again if your child does not meet the proficiency standards for his or her grade level, your child will continue with the program the following year

4. Will my child be given any homework?

Your child will be expected to complete Castle Learning or Newsela assignments independently at home or can receive assistance after school. Additionally, your child will be encouraged to use available educational websites at home, such as ReadWorks to complete assignments that he/she may be falling behind on.

5. What consequence(s) do you have if you do not see the child working to his/her potential?

First, I will conference with the student privately to determine ways I can facilitate the process so that the student can work comfortably within their means or ability. If progress does not occur due to lack of motivation or attitude, I will have a phone conference with the parent to report my observations. Also, the five-week progress report will indicate if the student is working to his/her potential.

6. What is my parental involvement with the AIS program?

A Parent Involvement Policy will be sent home during the month of September. This policy will outline how you can stay abreast with your child’s participation in the program; more specifically, you will be receiving five-week progress reports and quarterly report cards that will be distributed at the same time classroom report cards are sent home. Also, you will be invited to attend parent-teacher conferences during the school year. They are scheduled tentatively for:

November 19th, 2018 (6pm- 8pm) Evening Appointments Only

November 20th, 2018 (8am -2pm)   Day/Eve Appointments 

*Please schedule your parent/teacher conference using Pick-A-Time. If you have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed prior to our meeting, you are encouraged to contact the school office and leave a message. The message will be delivered to me and I will return the phone call as soon as possible.
   7. How can I help my child at home?

There are interactive programs that can be used to help reinforce reading skills or subject areas.

Visit the District Webpage:

Refer to the tab: Student/Parent login and click on Wizard Launch. The student will simply sign in using google account. Various Web-based software such as: Brain Pop, Castle Learning, Discovery Education, Edmodo, A-Z to name a few have been made available to the students. These are interactive websites that are beneficial for reinforcing concepts or skills that may be difficult for the student to comprehend or apply solely by reading. 

The student should use the username and password that has been assigned; that is: first letter of first name + first 4 letters of last + last 2 digits of ID. Password is ID padded with leading zeros to make a length of 8.

Student name : Theresa Garcia

ID : 12345

Username : tgarc45

Password : 00012345

You are highly encouraged to stay abreast with changes that have been implemented by the state. Visit Engage NY to learn more about the Common Core State Standards and to view sample student work from 2018 ELA state test:






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