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What kind of pet keeps the best time? A watchdog.

Answer the questions and email me your answer. If you get it correct, you may win a prize!
Check the next question!  Be sure to enter your answer in before the deadline! Take a chance. You never know.
Any answers sent after the deadline will not count.

Read the problem carefully. 
Read the passage carefully. Use what you know of tape diagrams to help you solve problem and answer the question.
William Woodchuck chucked logs of wood of a hobby. His twin brother, Wally Woodchuck had the same hobby. Everyday they chucked logs so that they would land in piles. For every 7 piles of wood that William chucked, Wally chucked 9. By the end of the first week, Wally had chucked 126 piles of wood.  How many piles did William chuck in that same week? What is the value of nonzero number c?

If you decide to send me your answer, please be sure to indicate your name, homeroom and then your answer.   Please keep in mind that only 100% correct answers will count.

Hi Mr. Chin, 
My name is _____ and my homeroom is _____.
1. If wally had chucked 126 piles of wood in a week, then William chucked _____ piles during that same week.
2. The value of nonzero number c in this problem is _____.  
Please submit your answers by 8:00 pm on Thursday, September 20th, 2018. Only correct answers for the two questions will count.
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