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Piano Accompanists & Reference Recordings for NYSSMA
(for students performing a NYSSMA Level 6 All-State audition)

What to ask when contacting an piano accompanist:
1. Ask if they are available to accompany your NYSSMA Solo on your performance date
2. Ask what their fees are for rehearsals and the performance itself.
3. Set a rehearsal date to go through the solo with the pianist.
4. Ask how you will meet up with them the day of the performance.
5. We recommend recording the piano part when you have your rehearsal meeting. This recording will allow you to practice with the piano part between your rehearsal and the performance dates.

· Gregg Michalack 978-5337
· Laura Evans 778-6534
· Arline Stivers 858-6274
· Linda Ludden 496-6449
· Beverly Poyert 496-1445
· Dr. Margaret Small 534-9485
· Pat Maimone 446-2395
· Lisa Zahn 565-9766
· Janice Nimetz 783-1242
· Lilly Mikefell 736-3375
· Bonnie Doyle Ham 778-5549
· Jimrae Lenser 614-5599

Reference recordings of your NYSSMA Solos can be purchased at :

Tap Music Sales
You are best off calling and asking if they have a recording of your solo rather then trying to find it on their website. Their inventory is vast! Use the Advanced Search when looking on their website or contact them by phone.
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