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Ms. Denise Tzouganatos
Chemistry Teacher
Washingtonville High School
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A/E Regents Chemistry

This course presents a modern view of Chemistry. It provides the unifying principles of Chemistry together with related facts as applicable to real world situations. This course culminates in a Regents Examination in June. It is a State requirement that all students who sit for the Regents Examination complete a minimum of 1200 minutes of satisfactorily completed laboratory work. Students who do not meet this requirement will be barred from taking the exam.

Advice for a successful year: (1) Spend an appropriate amount of time on your assignments every night - If you do not learn the day’s lesson, you will have extreme difficulty on the next day’s lesson (2) Produce quality work in the laboratory - Hand all of your lab reports in on time, completed, and satisfactorily. Do your own written lab work, do not rely on your “partner” (remember copying is cheating) (3) Ask questions when you do not understand - If you do not understand something, odds are that there are other people in class who do not understand either. Chemistry builds from topic to topic. What we learn during the 1st quarter will be used during the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. And so on… (4) Seek help from other sources: ask your friends for help, get a peer tutor through the library program, come for help after school.

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OCCC Chemistry College Chemistry

CHM 105/CHM106 General Chemistry I and II


This course is a study of the fundamental principles of chemistry. The course at WHS follows the curriculum at SUNY-Orange. All tests and labs are approved by the faculty at OCCC. Laboratory work is the application of studied principles with emphasis on quantitative relationships. The keeping of a laboratory notebook is stressed. Upon successful completion of the year long course, 8 OCCC Chemistry credits may be earned and transfered to any institution of higher learning.

Instructor: Ms. D. Tzouganatos

Office: Room 308 or Math/Science Planning Center room 301

Phone: 845-497-4000 e-mail:

Extra Help:. After school in room 308 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Additional days by appointment.

GRADING: Test 1,2,3 16% EACH, Quizzes 16%, Cumulative Final Exam 16%, Lab Notebooks 10%, Lab Summary Sheets + Outlines 10%

Laboratory:Workbook: There is a workbook that contains all the labs and homework for the course that will be provided.

Labs must be made up within 3 days of an excused absence. Any labs missed that are not made up are graded as a zero. If you are late to lab, your lab grade will reflect your tardiness. If three labs are missed during the semester, it results in an automatic F for the class as the laboratory portion of the class has not been satisfied. Lab books are an important aspect of chemistry lab; therefore, if 3 or more labs are missing from the lab book it will also result in an F for the class.  Please be on time to all labs as other students are counting on you for their lab groups.

Quizzes:Quizzes/Do Nows will be given during the first 5-10 minutes of class. Quizzes missed will be made up on the following class day in attendance with no extensions. Quizzes may be taken early. Quizzes will be based on problems from the workbook and homework and class lecture.

Homework/Workbook: There is a workbook that contains all the labs and homework for the course. A thorough understanding of this workbook will greatly aid in your understanding of the material covered in lecture and lab. This workbook is the primary source of material for all tests and quizzes.

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