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"Mathematics is one of the essential emanations of human spirit, a thing to be valued in and for itself, like art or poetry."

First Day Information
Welcome to Mr. Ferry’s Class

  1. Be Prompt! Class begins when the bell rings and every day there will be a Do Now waiting for you on the board. You will need to take a piece of paper as you enter the room and complete these problems. These problems will be graded and included in your final grade however no extra time will be given to students who are late.
  2. Bring a writing utensil, a calculator, and your homework everyday.
  3. Be Responsible! Each of us makes our own choices, if you choose to make an effort and have a positive attitude you will produce the best results. 
  1. Notebook - any kind will do but please get one that will only be used for Math
  2. Folder
  3. Pen or Pencil
  4. Compass
  5. Calculator – you must have at least a scientific calculator. I have a set of graphing calculators for you to use in class so it is not required for you to purchase one. If you want to purchase one to use at home I recommend the TI -83+ since that it what we will be using in class.
Grading Policy
  • Point System
    • This class will be run on a point system. Each test will be worth 100 points. We will have short quizzes and long quizzes. The short ones will be worth 30 points and the longer ones will be worth 50 points. I will always inform you how much each quiz is worth. At the end of the semester I will add up all of your points and then divide by the total number of points to get your grade.
  • Homework Policy:
    • Homework will be assigned daily and checked randomly. Sometimes it will be collected and sometimes it will be checked. You are expected to hand in homework on time. 
Extra Help:
  • I am available every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school in room 323. 
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