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The primary focus of US History and Government is to understand the past in order to evaluate the present and plan for the future. The past has brought us to the current state of difficult times where it is vitally important to know our nation's history. Over the next five months, we will analyze US History and Government through a variety of methods. The culmination of these methods will bring us to the NYS Regents Exam for final evaluation.
The topics below reflect some of the many that we will cover in the course.
  1. Early America: Revolution to Constitution
  2. New Republic: Washington to Jackson
  3. Division and Reunion: The Civil War and Reconstruction
  4. Developing the Frontier: Industry, The West, & Immigration
  5. Becoming a World Power: Imperialism, Progressivism, & WW I
  6. Boom to Bust: The Jazz Age, Great Depression, and New Deal
  7. Abroad and at Home: World War II
  8. Postwar Era: The Cold War (1945-1991)
  9. Challenges Facing the Nation in our time
Materials Required:
  • One three-ringed binder with loose-leaf paper (for notes and handouts which you may hole punch and file) 
  • A folder
  • Index cards 
  • Please have your own pen or pencil each day.
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