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Operations with Polynomials
Rational Expressions and Equations
Quadratic Equations

Movie Project

Using a Camera or Smartphone you will be finding Geometry Vocab in the real world. Below you will find vocabulary that you are expected to know. You will need to find these objects around your house, school, or any other place. You must have 10 digital photos and then the rest can be found off the internet.
Pick 15 of the Following:
Plane Line Parallel Vertical Angles
Area Arc Perpendicular Isosceles
Perimeter Ray Complementary
Similar Acute Supplementary Parallelogram
Congruent Obtuse Symmetry Rhombus
Circle Semi-Circle Midpoint Kite
Pick 5 of the Following:
Isosceles Trapezoid Hexagon Cube
Reflection Septagon Rectangular Solid
Translation Octagon Cone
Dilation Nonagon Sphere
Pentagon Decagon Pyramid
Each slide should be 1 second and each vocabulary term should have three slides.
20 vocab terms times 3 slides each = 60 slides
60 Slides at 1 second = 60 seconds
Movie must be a minimum of 60 seconds. 
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