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Tarea - Homework

Homework for the night of:
 9/6 - Welcome to Spanish Class!  Please have the class outline signed by Thursday and the supplies in class by Friday!
9/7: Class outline due signed tomorrow.  Class supplies due on Friday.  
9/8: Class supplies due tomorrow! 
9/9: Get word of the day information sheet signed.  Due Monday.  Have a nice weekend!
9/12:  Review new vocabulary terms. 
9/13: Review new vocabulary terms.
9/14: Review new vocabulary terms.  There will be an open notebook quiz on Friday!
9/15: Study all vocabulary terms for the beginning of the year.  There will be an open notebook quiz tomorrow!  Make sure you come to class prepared with all your notes! 
9/16: ¡Qué tengan buen fin de semana!  Have a nice weekend!
9/19: Find the definition of "dialect" in English.  Also, review the letters of the Spanish Alphabet.  You may want to check out the following websites:
9/20 - Review the Spanish Alphabet
9/21 - Review the Spanish Alphabet
9/22: Finish Alphabet Letter-Word Assignment!  Due in class tomorrow!!  Also, there will be an Alphabet Quiz on Monday! 
9/23: Study for the Alphabet Quiz on Monday!
9/26: No hay tarea - No Homework
9/27:  Review the new chapter 1 vocabulary terms.
9/30: Review masculine and feminine noun notes.  Here are some helpful links:
10/4: Study vocabulary and "el and la" concepts.  There will be a vocab and el and la quiz on Friday!
10/5: Complete the vocabulary practice sheet.
10/6: Study vocabulary and el and la concepts for the quiz tomorrow! 
10/13: Google slides country assignment is due at least halfway through the period tomorrow! 
10/17:  Review the new family vocabulary terms.
10/18:  Review the family vocabulary terms and finish the word search puzzle.   
10/20: Review all notes.  There will be a quiz on Tuesday of next week.  The quiz will be on family vocabulary words, making nouns plural, some country questions, and some additional family vocabulary concepts.  
10/24: Study for tomorrow's quiz! 
11/7: Study for tomorrow's quiz on Chapter 3 Material (Class and School Words and Un/Una)
11/14: Study for tomorrow's quiz on AR infinitive verbs! 
11/17:  Complete the TOP of the subject pronouns practice sheet.  Also, there will be a quiz on Subject Pronouns on Monday! 
11/18: Study hard for the Subject Pronouns Quiz on Monday!  You will have to write the pronouns in Spanish!  Have a nice weekend! 
11/29:  Complete up through the "tú" section of the conjugation packet.  
11/30: Complete up through the "Usted" section of the conjugation packet. 
12/6: Complete the translation of the English section.  *Also, there will be an AR Conjugation Test on Friday.  Study! 
12/16:  There will be a Unit test on Wednesday of next week.  Students should use their study guides to help them study.  Also, there will be an after school study session on Tuesday of next week until 3:00pm.  Students are encouraged to come if they need extra help! 
12/20:  Study for the Unit Test tomorrow! 
1/9: Study for tomorrow's numbers quiz (0-39) 
1/18:  Complete the take home quiz.  It is due in class tomorrow.  Also, study for the Number's Test on Friday! 
1/30:  Complete the time around the world packet.  
2/6:  Complete the telling time review packet and study for the time test tomorrow! 
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