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Grades 3 - 8 Assessments Questions & Answers

      1.Q  -  What are the NYS Assessments in grades 3-8?

A –  Assessments are given in ELA and math in each grade from grade 3 to grade 8.   Assessments are given in science in grades 4 and 8.  
2. Q  -  What were the assessments originally used for?

A – (1) Federal and State regulations require schools to make adequate yearly progress (AYP) based on student performance toward meeting annual measurable objectives (AMO).  The AMO target is set by the State for each school district using Federal guidance.  Failure to make AYP means a school building or school district can be designated a Focus, Priority or Local Assistance Plan School.   (2)  Students who did not meet what the State set for a standard were to be given extra assistance. 

3. Q  -  What changed in regard to the assessments?

A -  Although the original two reasons for using the assessments remain, about 4 to 5 years ago NY State accepted a high amount of funding from the Federal Government.  Attached to the funding was the need to tie our Assessments to teacher evaluations (APPR). 

4  4. Q  -  Are school districts required to administer the NYS assessments?

A -  Yes, school districts are required to administer the assessments. 
5. Q - Are school districts required to administer NYS field tests? 

A -  Yes, they are.  The District was notified in late march and in April about the field tests they will have to administer.  Please click here to read the HS letter and click here to read the elementary letter the District received in regard to NY State field tests.

6. Q  -   Are school districts required to administer the PARCC field tests? 

A -   No, participation in the PARCC field tests is strictly voluntary.  The Washingtonville School District has declined to participate in the PARCC tests.  Please click here to read the letter about participation in the PARCC tests.

7. Q  -  Does a student have to take the NYS Assessments to be considered for AIS? 

A -  No, the basis for inclusion in AIS is a matrix that contains multiple measures.  It does not rely on one score on one test.  Please click here to go to the AIS Q&A for more information.

8. Q  -  Does a student have to take the NYS Assessment in Math to be included in the accelerated program in 8th grade?

A -  No, inclusion in the accelerated program is based on a matrix  that uses multiple measures. 

9. Q  -  Will the State assessment be used to determine if my child is promoted to the next grade?

A -  No, academic decisions are based on multiple measures. 

10. Q  -  Will teachers be eliminated if parents refuse to have their child(ren) refuse to take the NYS Assessments?  

A -  No, teaching positions are not based on student attendance for State exams.  The 2015-16 school budget, if passed by voters in May, has in it the same number of teaching positions as there are in the current year, although assignments may be different due to student needs.  

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