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Dear Fellow Advocates, 

Please save the date:
Advocacy Event,
March 26th @ 6:30 PM  
Monroe-Woodbury High School
155 Dunderberg Road ¤ Central Valley, NY

Fair Funding is pleased to join together with New York United Teachers (NYSUT) on:


March 26


Monroe Woodbury High School

155 Dunderberg Road

Central Valley, New York


We need you to attend because you value public education.


Let’s fill the auditorium with teachers, parents, administrators & board members!


Come be educated and entertained by best selling author and blogger Diane Ravitch. A professor at NYU and authority on the history public education, Ravitch will enlighten you on the need for change in public education.


Fair funding is committed to our mission of partnering with like-minded stakeholders, like you.  Leading up this important evening, Fair Funding will send you some advocacy action items.  We need your help to strengthen the message of our concerns about education in New York State. 


Thanks to you, momentum is growing.  With your presence on March 26, you will help us let Governor Cuomo know that the Hudson Valley believes in public education.


To: SSFC Membership

From: Dr. Rick Timbs, Executive Director

Once again, Fred LeBrun of the The Albany Times-Union hits the nail on the head in an on-target commentary piece - and calls Gov. Cuomo out on his shameful stance on education funding.

"In the greater context of public education in this state, universal pre-K is far from the most pressing need or the most deserving area for public funds,'' LeBrun writes. ..."Public education in New York is in a shambles."


We couldn't agree more. It's not that the idea of universal pre-K isn't laudable. It is. And it's a goal worth working towards. But anyone who works in public education knows that the concept of pre-K, as LeBrun points out, "is only meaningful as part of a healthy, sufficiently funded public education system - which we do not have.''

That's why we need your help.

The state budget will be completed in a few short weeks. If you are out there advocating for students and schools, keep it up - and kick it up a notch. Have stakeholders write a letter to the editor. Write and call legislators. Make sure they make their voice heard on social media. (On Twitter,
use the hashtag #NYSchoolsinPeril. Facebook would be a big help too!)

If you and your stakeholders are not out there - now is the time to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!

Guide stakeholders to write a letter, call or email the Governor and your state legislators and tell them to eliminate the GEA now. Show them how the GEA is hurting your district and students year after year. Tell them there needs to be immediate change in the way the state funds schools - and that aid must be fair, equitable and sustainable.

Please share this message and commentary with everyone you know who has a stake or an interest in our schools - school board members, administrators, faculty, parents, community members, etc.

Thank you for your continued support.


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