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Health Grade 7


ROOM 121


 Health is the subject that will accompany every student each and every day their lives.  This course is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and motivation to encourage students to make healthy choices and maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle.


Students will:

§ Complete monthly Current Event article reviews on Google Classroom

§ Research and write a 2-3 page paper on an invention or discovery that has impacted the field of health

§ Engage in classroom discussions

§ Write in a Health Journal as a comprehension tool

§ Work cooperatively in the classroom

§ Complete all assigned work including in-class projects and homework

§ Incorporate the use of technology in the learning process

§ Self-monitor progress using Assignment Log

§ Periodically complete assessments demonstrating understanding of health concepts

§ Reference teacher webpage to monitor class assignments and due dates


§ Pen/Pencil

§ Notebook for notes and Journal responses

§ Folder

§ Textbook, Teen Health Course 2 (provided)


  § Come to class on time and prepared each day

§ Respect others and classroom at all times

§ Complete all assigned work on time

§ Use school appropriate language and behavior at all times

§ No eating in the classroom

§ No personal grooming in class

§ No electronic devices that are not required for class

§ Follow WMS Code of Conduct


Students will receive a grade based on a point system for homework, classwork, projects, journal responses, quizzes, and tests.  Points will be based on the extent to which the objectives are met and the quality of work. 

Extra Help

I will be available Tuesday-Thursday after school for any student who needs additional help.   This includes assistance with outstanding assignments or providing access to a computer.

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