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Social Studies Course Outline

Mrs. Daigle- 


Welcome Back to Washingtonville Middle School! This course outline will provide you with the guidelines and foundation to be successful in 8th Grade Social Studies. Work hard, have fun and enjoy the course!


All students will need the following materials:

- Binder (big enough to hold 1-2 packets of looseleaf paper. I recommend a binder that has a hard cover)

-looseleaf paper


-Planner (to be provided by the school and MUST be brought to class daily!)

Grading Policy:

Student grades will be calculated using the following policy:

Homework- 15%

Unit Exams-40%

Quizzes- 25%


Homework Policy:

All homework assignments are due the following day unless otherwise noted. Students are responsible for copying the homework from the blackboard at the beginning of the period. Parents and students can also check assignments at home on my website.


Details and requirements for projects as well as due dates will be explained and assigned during each marking period.


All units will be followed by at least one quiz and one unit exam. Most quizzes will be announced in advance. Students will be given 4-5 days notice for upcoming unit exams.


Students are required to have one binder exclusively for Social Studies. It should be large enough to contain all of their notes, tests, quizzes and worksheets. Students will be given a table of contents and will be required to update it on a daily basis when they enter class. All assignments/notes should be page numbered and must coincide with their table of contents. (Students and parents may also wish to check Mrs. Daigle's website regularly in order to ensure that the student binders are up to date). Binder checks will be graded and will be announced in advance.

Behavior Policy:

Students are expected to follow all rules posted in their student handbooks and the district code of conduct. Within our classroom there are two basic rules that are necessary for students to follow in order to create a safe and productive learning environment:

1. Respect : Respect yourself, your peers and your teacher. This includes respecting the opinions and rights of others.

2. Be prepared and on time: This means have your binder, paper, pen/pencil and Planner Everyday!!!

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