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Academic Intervention Services


Please read the questions and answers below to learn about AIS program. For any further information, please contact the Office of the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, at 497-4000, ext. 27021, or use the email contact form.

1) Q What is AIS?
AIS stands for Academic Intervention Services. These services are designed to help students achieve learning standards in grades  K-12.  Instructional services in English language arts (ELA), mathematics, social studies, and/or science are provided in addition to the instruction provided in the regular classroom. The services of the AIS program are aligned with the New York State Standards and are congruent with those of the regular classroom. In addition, student support services are also provided as needed in order to address barriers to improved academic success.
2) Q What is the purpose of AIS?
AIS is a program that provides services to students who are at risk of not achieving the State Standards in ELA, mathematics, social studies, and/or science, or that have been identified, through one or more New York State Assessments, as not having achieved the State Standards. The program provides these students with a supplemental instructional program that offers additional student support in order to bridge the gap in achieving the State Standards.
3) Q Does a student have to take the NYS Assessment to be considered for AIS?

No, the basis for inclusion in AIS is a matrix that contains multiple measures.  It does not rely on one score on one test. 
4) Q What determines a student’s need for AIS services?
 The District must use multiple measures in determining eligibility for AIS services.  These measures must be applied to all stduents within a specified grade level.  In Grades K-2, these measures include the report card grades for the specific subject (either ELA or math), a teacher rating, and an end of year screening.  In grades 3-8, these measures include the report card grade, the teacher rating, and the results of the NYS Assessments in ELA or math. In grades 9 and above, inclusion is based upon whether a student has met the minimum requirement for math which is the Algebra Regents or whether a student who has been in AIS has passed ninth grade English.  Any student who does not pass the required Regents in ELA, social studies or science is also given AIS. 
The Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction gathers all of the information for every student and puts it into a matrix form.  Students who have not taken the NYS Assessments will not have a score for that category in the matrix.  This does not preclude them from services.  The number of scores a student has is totaled and divided by the number of scores.  An average is obtained.  For example:  
Card Scores
Sam 3 3 2 8 2.75
Bill 2 2 N/A 4 2

The students are then rank ordered by the average score.  The cut off score is obtained when all available spaces have been assigned.
5) Q Can there be additional measures added to the criteria listed above?  
Yes, the AIS Committee will consider adding new measures when it meets in the spring to review the AIS plan.  One such measure may be adding a writing score to the criteria for grades 3-6. 
6) Q What is AIS Reading?

AIS Reading, at the elementary level, is instruction geared toward reading readiness skills, such as phonics, phonemic awareness, alphabet, fluency, and sight words. AIS Reading, at the secondary level, is instruction designed to work on a student’s weaknesses in the language arts classroom. A variety of diagnostic tests are administered by the AIS teacher in order to identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Students practice reading and writing skills based on their varying needs. This includes skills which students need to be successful in their English/ELA classes. A typical day includes silent reading, a mini lesson, and practicing different reading skills and writing activities individually and/or in group work.  
7) Q What is AIS Mathematics?

AIS Mathematics is instruction designed to work on a student’s weaknesses in the mathematics classroom. The goals of the AIS mathematics teacher are to identify and strengthen the student’s weakness in mathematics and to help the student be successful in their regular mathematics classroom. The teacher also helps to prepare the student for the New York State Assessment given each year. The AIS teacher uses manipulatives and/or games to reinforce basic skills and concepts, and computer software to introduce and practice skills. In addition students also review and practice problem solving strategies and use real life situations that require the use of math skills, such as calculating sales tax, tip, interest, etc.
8) Q What is AIS Social Studies?

AIS social studies is a service to help students who have not passed the required Regents exams needed for graduation.  A certified social studies teacher teaches the class.  The students receive additional help in Global Studies or American History until they are able to pass the Regents.  Students in grades 5-10 do not receive a pull out service.  They are monitored by their classroom teacher.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of after school help given by their teacher, homework club or tutoring offered in each school. 
9) Q What is AIS Science?
AIS science is offered in the high school when a student has not met the requirement of passing one science Regents.  Students in grades 5-9 who have not passed the NYS Science Assessment given in grades 4 and 8 are monitored by their classroom teacher.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of after school help given by their teacher, the homework club, or tutoring offered in each school. 
10) Q As a parent, how will I be notified of my child's involvement in the AIS program?

As part of the AIS program, parents receive letters and reports that keep them informed about their child’s involvement in the AIS program. Parents are informed about a child’s entrance or exit from an AIS program through the use of a letter that indicates to the parents what the student’s status is. Parents of students who are in program will receive a quarterly report from the AIS teacher that outlines the student’s progress for that quarter, as well as indicating what skill areas the child has worked on.

In addition parents also have the right to meet with the AIS teacher for conferences at a mutually agreed time. Parents are given the opportunity to meet the teachers and learn about the program through the open houses held at each building in the fall, and at the district-wide AIS meeting held once a year in the spring.
11) Q How does a student receive AIS services?

If it is determined that a student needs AIS services, they will be provided to the student during the regular school day. The least amount of interruption to the student’s regular classroom instruction is considered when services are being scheduled. The AIS program provides its services using a pull-out method of instruction.
At the Middle School and the High School AIS is also offered as part of the Evening Academy for students who cannot fit the service into their regular day program.   It is completely voluntary.  It is a computer assisted program with a teacher overseeing the students' work.  The students report to the high school computer lab after school and work until it is time to catch the 4 o'clock bus.  Once the student's program is set up, the student works through the lessons at his/her own pace. 
12) Q How does the pull-out program work at the elementary level?

At the elementary level, students are seen by AIS teachers as part of the regular school day. The students are scheduled in small groups and are taken from the classroom at their scheduled time. The classroom environment and the activities for which a student is not present are taken into consideration when creating schedules and when determining when to take a child for AIS services. A student is never scheduled during lunch, physical education, or recess.
13) Q How does the AIS program work at the secondary level?

At the secondary level, students are seen by AIS teachers as part of the regular school day. The students are seen in small groups, and the AIS services are scheduled as one or more of their periods of instruction for the day. Students are not pulled from a regular content class in order to receive AIS instruction. A student is never scheduled for services during lunch, music, art, or recess.
14) Q What are the qualifications of an AIS teacher?

All of the AIS teachers who work with ELA students are certified reading teachers. At the elementary level, AIS teachers working with students in AIS math, science or social studies are certified elementary teachers or certified reading teachers. At the secondary level, AIS teachers working with students in AIS math, science or social studies are certified in the area they service. Each of these teachers is trained in administering tests in their service areas which assist them in determining the individual needs of each student.

These teachers work closely with classroom teachers in order to assist students with class related materials and projects and to keep the communication between the students, teachers, and themselves open and effective.
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