52 West Main Street
Washingtonville, NY 10992

Phone: 845.497.4000
Fax: 845.497.4030
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Welcome to the Washingtonville Teacher Center

     The mission of the Washingtonville Teacher Center is to assist the staff of the Washingtonville Central School District in promoting professional growth and development. Programs and workshops will be designed to enhance the way teaching, learning and assessment take place in the District. Through this, all students will achieve higher critical thinking skills and meet the New York State Learning Standards. In addition, presentations, classes and workshops will be made available to benefit staff, parents and community members.

Contact Us:
Email: mkunzmann@ws.k12.ny.us 
Phone: 845-497-4065
In District x 25561 
Teacher Center Staff
Mary T. Kunzmann
Policy Board Officers
Heather Seitz 
Carol Andrews 
Patricia O'Hara

Dina Martirano
Policy Board Members
Nicole Asendorf - HS 
Carol Andrews - Taft 
Elizabeth Barnitt - MS
Monica Bastian - HS
Lisa Beers - RH 
Joseph Bucco - HS
Samantha Cano - Taft
Dr. Brian Casey - Business Representative
Jaclyn Ellefsen - Community  
Nina Giordani - HS 
Renee Henry - MS
Angelina Karwoski -Taft
Kathy Landro - MS
Kathleen Lange - LB
Lindsay Maguire - Taft 
Dina Martirano - RH
Valerie McPartland - LB
Jennifer Mirecki - Higher Education Representative
Patricia O'Hara - Taft 
Carla Sansone - RH
Heather Seitz - MS 
Dr. Janet Seaman - Assistant Superintendent
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