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Our area of study is: 
Life Science and
Classification of Living Things
Mr. Andersen's HR:  Complete your research questions. Read Lesson Summary and complete the Lesson Checkpoint for Chapter 1, Lesson 1. Quiz during your next class.
Mr. Chin's HR:  Make corrections on Assessing Understanding Questions. Review notes on species and adaptations.
Skeleton Notes 
A. Living Rules:
  1. Require a source of energy - either make it or get it,
    2. Detect and react to stimuli,
    3. Reproduce - make more of their own kind,
    4. Have organization,    
    5. Grow and develop,         
    6. Die
    7. Perform chemical reactions
B. Adaptations
Adaptations are characteristics or traits that organisms have or use in order to survive in their environment.  Those organisms that do not develop adaptations will likely perish or have their populations diminish greatly.
Adaptations may be structural or behavioral.
      a.  structural - physical parts of the organism - leaves, stems, claws, beaks, or talons
      b. behavioral - having to do with what organisms do in order to survive - showing fangs to intimidate, spreading wings to get warm, digging a hole, building a structure
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