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Please note that this website is a secondary source for all assignments.  In class, the homework board always has every due date for each assignment.  Please be sure to write down, daily, the homework and information located on the classroom board.  Thank you!
 Welcome back to the 2017-2018 School Year!  I hope you had the best summer and you are ready to get started!
For the week of 9/4-9/8
Welcoming back students and getting needed supplies, etc.
 Social Studies will require: a minimum of a one inch binder for class.. Please also be prepared with a pen or pencil DAILY. 
For the Week of 9/11-9/15
 Ending Review of Civil War and moving on to Reconstruction
Due dates for Reconstruction Extended Response are on Google Classroom... If the assignement is not turned in when due, it will be considered late.  All responses must follow directions and must be submitted through classroom. 
For the week of 9/18- 9/22
A/C Recon due date: 9/19
B/D Recon due date: 9/20  (Besides Period 4/6)
For the Week of 9/25-9/30
We will continue with the Reconstruction Unit... Please remember all vocabulary was given out to define and those definitions need to be complete by the end of this week!  
**Photos will be taken in Social Studies Classrooms
Here are the following dates to remember for picture day:
B/D Classes- October 4th
A/C Classes- October 5th 
For the week of 10/9-10/13
Finishing up the Plessy writing activity and remember to be STUDYING for the Recon test.... Use notes, flash cards made in strategies, and all classroom materials to break down unit. A/C exam: 10-16       B/D exam: 10/17 
For the week of 10/16-10/20
Test Week!  Be sure to study and do your best!!!
Immediately after the exam, we will start the Immigration/Industrialization vocabulary.  We also will be watching Remember the Titans and making connections to Jim Crow laws and their lasting effect on the nation. 
For the week of 10/23-10/27
For A/C Days:
Vocab Quiz 10/30
Please bring headphones Nov. 1
Industrialization Homework Packet due November 13th 
For B/D Days:
Vocab Quiz 10/31
Please bring headphones Nov. 2
Industrialization Homework Packet due November 14th
For the week of 10/30- 11/3
Vocab quizzes are this week... Please make sure to bring headphones to class this week if you are able.  We will be workin on the Ellis Island experience!   
For the week of 11/6-11/10 (No school Tuesday and Friday) 
Happy Veterans Day! (Or Armistice day per the end of WWI) 
A/C November 13th
B/D November 14th
*I pushed these dates back as I felt we needed a bit extra time with the review sheet.  Review sheets will be given out today and Wednesday.  I will be handing out the immigration project this week and we will be working in the library on the 15th-20th.  This will give each block TWO full classes to work on getting the project started.  Remember the industrialization packet (homework) is due on the 13th and 14th as well!!   
For the week of 11/13-11-17
The immigration journal project due dates are as follows:
A/C 12/12
B/D 12/13
We will be taking the quarterly Monday and Tuesday.  We will be in the library for the rest of the week working on our projects.  Remember, I will be sitting with each of you and we will get started on who you are and where you are from.  Good Luck! 
For the Week of 11/27-12/1
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day!  Back to work!!!
We will be working on industrialization and immigration all week.  
At this point, all classes were given the DBQ packet.  If you have NOT gotten one due to being absent, please come see me asap to get one.  
Rules for DBQ packet:
      1.  There are 9 total documents in the packet.  Each document's questions must be answered.  The document portion (all nine docs) is worth a full test grade.  This is due on the due date.  There is no regrade for this portion of the assignment.
      2.  The essay is a separate grade.  **If the essay is handed in on time, when it is returned I will allow you one week to rewrite it for a new grade.  If the essay is turned in late, the rewrite option is not given.  This is a another separate test grade.  
      3.  DBQ packets MUST be available in every class AND strategies.  We will be spending some time on these in class.  The rest of the assignment is to be done at home.  
*******You will ONLY GET ONE COPY of this assignment.  DO NOT LOSE IT!!!!!******* 
Due Dates:
A/C 12/20
B/D 12/19 
Reminder: You should be working on the immigration journals at home since library dates are complete! 
For the week of 12/4-12/8
We will be working on the DBQ in class on Monday and Tuesday.  MAKE SURE TO HAVE YOUR DOCUMENT PACKET!!!!!!!We also will be doing some work with large captains of industry vs. robber barons.
Please note: A/C day ONLY: DBQ packets and essays are now due on Wednesday, 12/20!!  All due dates are the same for everyone else.
For the week of 12/11-12/15
Immigration Projects are due this week.  Emails will be sent home for those who do NOT hand in a project.  Please remember, it is a double project grade for this marking period.  Try your best and BE CREATIVE!
We will be moving forward with the progressive unit.  Hopefully we will be able to get an idea of how the country's laissez faire government needs to start addressing the poor conditions within factories, the terrible living conditions of immgrants, and answer the growing need for more facilities for an expanding nation.  
Keep in mind, DBQ's are due next week!  BREAK IS CLOSE.. WE CAN DO IT!  
Please visit this page on a regular basis as it updates often 
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