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Welcome Students and Parents to the 2017 - 18 school year! I will list homework and important dates on this page. There may be some days I cannot update; therefore, the planner is always the first source you should use.

Week of 12/11  
Due to the snow day, S.S. quizzes will be on Monday for both classes!
ELA:  Students are reading books in small groups. This week's lessons will be about the exposition of the plot: characters, setting, problem.
HW:  Complete your winter/holiday rough draft.  Edit/revise it. We will start creating the book this week. 
Continue to read nightly.  There will not be a reading log due this week.
Study Spelling WUF list: Quiz next week: Wed: 6R and Thurs: 6B
Social Studies: We are continuing to study the different types of governments this week. 
HW: Review for the Government Quiz on Friday. Use the following material to help you review:  Notebook notes/vocab, flash cards, Google Slides presentation, government chart, "Who rules?" worksheet, and flip book. I also posted a review video and Quizzlet in classroom. There are so many resources!  Are you reviewing nightly??
Week of 12/4 - 8
ELA:  Read nightly.  Free Choice Reading is due on Friday.
Review Story Elements and Plot Mountain.
Quiz Tues (6B)
Wed. (6R) 
SS:  Review the government vocab and notes about Autocracy/Democracy.
Quiz Wed (6B)
Thurs. (6R) 
Week of 11/27
Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!
ELA: Reading Log in Google Classroom is due on Friday. Read nightly 15-20 minutes.
We are working on story elements and the plot mountain.  Quiz next Tuesday and Wednesday in your block class.  Check the date in your planner. Notes are in Google Classroom.  I am reading aloud winter/holiday stories.  We are charting the setting, mood and theme of each.  Students will write their own creative holiday or winter story this month with developed story elements. 
SS:  Review the notes and first 5 vocab definitions on Government (In notebook and Google Classroom). Quiz next Thursday and Friday in your block class.
Week of 11/6
We are going to take a trip to the new library. Return permission slips by Thursday!
Social Studies Projects are due on Thursday.  If you didn't finish it in class, take it home! 
Study -  ELA Quarterly:
Wed. 11/8 - 6R
Thurs. 11/9 - 6B
Study - Social Studies Quarterly:
Wed. 11/8 - 6B
Thurs. 11/9 - 6R
Week of October 30 - Nov. 3
Career Day on Thursday
1/2 Day - Parent/Teacher Conferences on Thursday
Read nightly.
Start reviewing for your Quarterly Assessment.  Study guides are posted in Google Classroom.  Pick up a paper copy if you want one.  
Tests are in your block class on Wednesday, November 8th and Thursday, November 9th.  
Week of October 23 - 27
Parent/Teacher Conferences are on Thursday, 10/26 and 11/2.
Sign-up on Pick-A-Time (District webpage).
ELA:  Read nightly. Work on the Reading Response assignment in Google Classroom. Turn in by Friday. 
Social Studies:  Review all Five Themes of Geography. Quiz is on: Tuesday: 6B and Wednesday: 6R 
Week of October 16 - 20
ELAReview notes on figurative language.  Quiz at the end of the week. Read nightly - Google Classroom assignment is due on Friday. 
Social Studies:  Review all the notes on the Five Themes of Geography.  Quiz next Tues/Wed. in block class.   
Week of October 2-6
 School pictures are on 10/4 and 10/5 in your S.S. class!
ELA:  We are reading Chapters 8 and 9 in class this week.  Stay with your class. Chapter 8 should be read by your Thursday or Friday block class.  
HW: Read 15-20 minutes nightly from your independent book. Reading log assignment in Google Classroom: due Wed. Oct. 11. 
Social Studies:  We are studying the 2nd theme of geography: PLACE. Review notes.  
HW:  Google Classroom assignment. This is due in your Thursday or Friday block class.  
Week of September 25 - 29
School Pictures are next week - Information was sent home. 
NJHS Tutoring begins this Thursday.  Sign-ups are every Wednesday outside room 213. 
ELA: This week we are reading Chapters 6 and 7 and charting inferences about Bud's character.  We are identifying the 8 parts of speech and incorporating them into our writing. Spelling WUF Quiz is at the end of the week.  Be prepared. You have had the list for 2 weeks. You should be studying often. You are expected to use these words correctly in all of your writing.   
Get the "Bud" Ch 1-3 quiz signed and corrected.  
Read nightly for 15-20 minutes.  
Social Studies: Study your location notes and vocabulary nightly. Quiz Wednesday or Thursday in your SS block class. 
Create a study tool you can use to review your location notes (flash cards, fortune teller, flip chart, etc).  
Week of September 18-22
Wednesday - Go Home Early Drill
Thursday, Friday - No school for students
ELA:  We are reading chapters 4 and 5 in ELA this week. It is important you remember to bring your book to class each day. Read 15-20 minutes each night from your book. This week, write me a letter telling me about the book you're reading: Title, Author, Brief Summary (characters, setting, problem, predictions). This is due on Wednesday for both classes. 
Social Studies: Study! Quiz on Geography (see below):
pictures: Tuesday
pictures: Wednesday 
Week of September 11-15
Open House is on Thursday, 9/15 at 6:30.  A letter was sent home with more information.   
Pizza Pictures starts 9/15.   Information is being sent home on Friday.
ELA: We began reading Bud, Not Buddy as a class.
We will read chapter 2 in class together this week.
HW for Tues/Wed block class: Read chapter 3 on your own.
Choose an independent reading book that you would like to read for pleasure.  Begin reading 15-20 minutes nightly.  There will be random reading logs assigned throughout the quarter. The classes are going to the library on Friday. They may select a book if they need one.  
Quiz on Chapter 1-3 in your Thursday or Friday 2/3 block class.  
Social Studies: We started a unit on Map Skills and Geography.
HW: Review the world map we labeled in class. Know the 7 continents, 5 oceans, Equator, Prime Meridian and 4 hemispheres.  Review the Compass Rose diagram.  Go over the Geography Vocabulary in your notebook.
Geography Quiz next Tuesday or Wednesday in your 8/10 block class.  Study nightly!
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