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Welcome Students and Parents to the 2017 - 18 school year! I will list homework and important dates on this page. There may be some days I cannot update; therefore, the planner is always the first source you should use.

Week of 3/12
Will the snow ever end? Spring is just around the corner!
I haven't been updating as much because it seems like most people have not been looking at the website. With student planners, Google Classroom and the email blasts I send out, I am not sure if there is still a need for this form of communication.  It is supposed to be a resource for students and parents, but when I polled the class, very few said they use it.  Please feel free to email me or let me know at parent/teacher conferences if you have found this website a useful tool.  I would be happy to keep it up if there is a felt need!  
Thank you! 
Week of February 20, 2018
The culture collages are beautiful - great work!
Culture Day has been moved to Monday, February 26th.  Can't wait to see celebrate our diverse culture! 
ELA:  Read. Complete your mythology guide book by Friday.
Social Studies:  Work on your culture day project and write-up.  
Get your culture quiz signed, and correct it when you get it back.  
Welcome February!  
*Check Parent Portal - Report cards should be posted this week. 
ELA:  Read nightly. The postcard (at-home reading assignement) is due on Friday.
Social Studies: We started a new unit this week on Culture. Review the 8 new vocabulary definitions. Quiz on vocab and culture traits (15 on the web) at the end of next week in your block class. 
ELA and S.S. Quarterly Assessments are this week :  1/24 and 1/25 in your block class.
*Extra Help is on Tuesday until 3:00. 
Vocabulary Chart is due on Friday.
Read nightly.
Study nightly for assessments.  
Week of 1/8
ELA: Reading Log is due on Tuesday.  This week's log is a bit different as it is on paper and you need to read, log and get a parent signature nightly. Try not to fall behind!
Reading Response assignment in Google Classroom needs to be completed if you did not get it done in class (3 choice response). 
We will be finishing our reading group novels at the end of the month. Next week, you will complete the vocabulary chart and turn it in for a grade.
Social Studies:   Look in Google Classroom.  I posted review notes on the 5 major religions. We will look closely at 2 religions/day next week. 
* The cover and symbol pages need to be done in 6B.
* The cover, symbol and Judaism pages need to be done in 6R
Week of 1/2/18  
ELA:  Be sure you have a book to read for pleasure.  Read 15-20 minutes nightly.
Google Classroom reading log is due on Friday.
Review Spelling  - WUF Quiz (make up from before the break) is Wed (6R) and Thurs. (6B).  Get it signed and corrected (write misspelled words 3x each) when you get it back. 
Prediction Chart is due on Friday! 
SS:  Review notes on economy (the notes page and your slide presentation) for the QUIZ on Tues. (6R) and Wed. (6B).  
Finish the Google Classroom Slides presentation on Economy by the next class: Thurs (6B) and Friday (6R). 
Week of 12/11   
Due to the snow day, S.S. quizzes will be on Monday for both classes!
ELA:  Students are reading books in small groups. This week's lessons will be about the exposition of the plot: characters, setting, problem.
HW:  Complete your winter/holiday rough draft.  Edit/revise it. We will start creating the book this week. 
Continue to read nightly.  There will not be a reading log due this week.
Study Spelling WUF list: Quiz next week: Wed: 6R and Thurs: 6B
Social Studies: We are continuing to study the different types of governments this week. 
HW: Review for the Government Quiz on Friday. Use the following material to help you review:  Notebook notes/vocab, flash cards, Google Slides presentation, government chart, "Who rules?" worksheet, and flip book. I also posted a review video and Quizzlet in classroom. There are so many resources!  Are you reviewing nightly??
Week of 12/4 - 8
ELA:  Read nightly.  Free Choice Reading is due on Friday.
Review Story Elements and Plot Mountain.
Quiz Tues (6B)
Wed. (6R) 
SS:  Review the government vocab and notes about Autocracy/Democracy.
Quiz Wed (6B)
Thurs. (6R) 
Week of 11/27
Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!
ELA: Reading Log in Google Classroom is due on Friday. Read nightly 15-20 minutes.
We are working on story elements and the plot mountain.  Quiz next Tuesday and Wednesday in your block class.  Check the date in your planner. Notes are in Google Classroom.  I am reading aloud winter/holiday stories.  We are charting the setting, mood and theme of each.  Students will write their own creative holiday or winter story this month with developed story elements. 
SS:  Review the notes and first 5 vocab definitions on Government (In notebook and Google Classroom). Quiz next Thursday and Friday in your block class.
Week of 11/6
We are going to take a trip to the new library. Return permission slips by Thursday!
Social Studies Projects are due on Thursday.  If you didn't finish it in class, take it home! 
Study -  ELA Quarterly:
Wed. 11/8 - 6R
Thurs. 11/9 - 6B
Study - Social Studies Quarterly:
Wed. 11/8 - 6B
Thurs. 11/9 - 6R
Week of October 30 - Nov. 3
Career Day on Thursday
1/2 Day - Parent/Teacher Conferences on Thursday
Read nightly.
Start reviewing for your Quarterly Assessment.  Study guides are posted in Google Classroom.  Pick up a paper copy if you want one.  
Tests are in your block class on Wednesday, November 8th and Thursday, November 9th.  
Week of October 23 - 27
Parent/Teacher Conferences are on Thursday, 10/26 and 11/2.
Sign-up on Pick-A-Time (District webpage).
ELA:  Read nightly. Work on the Reading Response assignment in Google Classroom. Turn in by Friday. 
Social Studies:  Review all Five Themes of Geography. Quiz is on: Tuesday: 6B and Wednesday: 6R 
The end of the marking period is on Friday 1/26.
The ELA and S.S. Quarterly Assessments will be in block class on Wednesday, 1/24 and Thursday, 1/25.
Begin reviewing for the S.S. test now!! The test will include questions on the following units:
- Government (the 6 types of governments)
- Economy (difference between the 3 types of economies)
- Religion (the 5 major religions of the world)
 The ELA will be a reading comprehension test. You can review the plot mountain (the main events in a story). 
Week of October 16 - 20
ELAReview notes on figurative language.  Quiz at the end of the week. Read nightly - Google Classroom assignment is due on Friday. 
Social Studies:  Review all the notes on the Five Themes of Geography.  Quiz next Tues/Wed. in block class.   
Week of October 2-6
 School pictures are on 10/4 and 10/5 in your S.S. class!
ELA:  We are reading Chapters 8 and 9 in class this week.  Stay with your class. Chapter 8 should be read by your Thursday or Friday block class.  
HW: Read 15-20 minutes nightly from your independent book. Reading log assignment in Google Classroom: due Wed. Oct. 11. 
Social Studies:  We are studying the 2nd theme of geography: PLACE. Review notes.  
HW:  Google Classroom assignment. This is due in your Thursday or Friday block class.  
Week of September 25 - 29
School Pictures are next week - Information was sent home. 
NJHS Tutoring begins this Thursday.  Sign-ups are every Wednesday outside room 213. 
ELA: This week we are reading Chapters 6 and 7 and charting inferences about Bud's character.  We are identifying the 8 parts of speech and incorporating them into our writing. Spelling WUF Quiz is at the end of the week.  Be prepared. You have had the list for 2 weeks. You should be studying often. You are expected to use these words correctly in all of your writing.   
Get the "Bud" Ch 1-3 quiz signed and corrected.  
Read nightly for 15-20 minutes.  
Social Studies: Study your location notes and vocabulary nightly. Quiz Wednesday or Thursday in your SS block class. 
Create a study tool you can use to review your location notes (flash cards, fortune teller, flip chart, etc).  
Week of September 18-22
Wednesday - Go Home Early Drill
Thursday, Friday - No school for students
ELA:  We are reading chapters 4 and 5 in ELA this week. It is important you remember to bring your book to class each day. Read 15-20 minutes each night from your book. This week, write me a letter telling me about the book you're reading: Title, Author, Brief Summary (characters, setting, problem, predictions). This is due on Wednesday for both classes. 
Social Studies: Study! Quiz on Geography (see below):
pictures: Tuesday
pictures: Wednesday 
Week of September 11-15
Open House is on Thursday, 9/15 at 6:30.  A letter was sent home with more information.   
Pizza Pictures starts 9/15.   Information is being sent home on Friday.
ELA: We began reading Bud, Not Buddy as a class.
We will read chapter 2 in class together this week.
HW for Tues/Wed block class: Read chapter 3 on your own.
Choose an independent reading book that you would like to read for pleasure.  Begin reading 15-20 minutes nightly.  There will be random reading logs assigned throughout the quarter. The classes are going to the library on Friday. They may select a book if they need one.  
Quiz on Chapter 1-3 in your Thursday or Friday 2/3 block class.  
Social Studies: We started a unit on Map Skills and Geography.
HW: Review the world map we labeled in class. Know the 7 continents, 5 oceans, Equator, Prime Meridian and 4 hemispheres.  Review the Compass Rose diagram.  Go over the Geography Vocabulary in your notebook.
Geography Quiz next Tuesday or Wednesday in your 8/10 block class.  Study nightly!
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