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1/17/2018 Schools are Closed
 Schools are closed due to inclement weather.
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  • Quarterly Assessment Review Packet is due during homeroom on Thursday, January 18th for all classes
  • Notebook Check #3 is tentatively scheduled for Thurs, Jan 12 AC and Fri, Jan 13 BD.
  • Integers Test is tentatively scheduled for Mon, Jan 22 AC and Tues, Jan 23 BD.
  • Quarterly Assessment is tentatively scheduled for Friday, Jan 26 AC and Mon, Jan 29 BD. 
  • Calculators are needed in class EVERYDAY!
  • PLEASE memorize and practice multiplication facts nightly.
  • Extra Help is Wednesday afternoons until 3 pm.
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 Students will build on their understanding of rational numbers to add, subtract, multiply, and divide signed numbers.  Previous work in computing the sums, differences, products, and quotients of fractions serves as a significant foundation as well.  Students will extend integer rules to include the rational numbers and use properties of operations to perform rational number calculations without the use of a calculator.  We will apply integer operations by finding percent of change and percent of error.  Finally, students will perform operations with rational numbers, incorporating them into algebraic expressions and equations.
I can't stress the importance enough that students MUST BE proficient with their Integer Operations!  Memorize and practice nightly! 
Students should be bringing pencils and calculators to class everyday! 
Students must have a calculator in class everyday.  Please purchase the Texas Instruments TI-30X calculator.  Students will use this same calculator in eighth grade.
All students need their notebook, a pencil and a calculator EVERYDAY in class.  I would highly suggest that a zippered pencil pouch be purchased to keep all supplies handy.  It should be kept in their notebook.
  • Looseleaf binder with three labeled sections: classwork, homework, and test/quiz
  • NO loose papers - place all papers into the correct section of notebook.
  • Notes are dated, complete, and in chronological order
  • Homework papers are dated, corrected, and in chronological order
  • All graded papers are signed by parent, corrected, and placed in the test/quiz section of notebook. 


 The two most important math skills needed for success in the middle and high school are:


If students are competent with both these skills, they will be more confident and will succeed in math. Please help your child achieve success by drilling and practicing their multiplication facts and integer rules.

The Common Core and New York State expect all 7th graders to be adept in fractional operations.  Please log on to Odyssey or Study Island and practice fractional operations.  We will be using fractions all year and students should continue to drill and practice their fractional operations.
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