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Use your notes to help you.
Use text ch. 1.2 and NB pgs. 60 to now
Read Ch. 1.2 twice - answer the questions the second time you read.
Answer these questions as you watch the Discovery Education video called "Assignment Discovery: Cells". You can login using your Google sign in and password or through Wizard Launch first and then go to Discovery Ed.
Students must make a flashcard for each term. Make sure your first and last name, Hagan, and period are on each card. Use your text first before other resources. Links on this site will help.
Quarterly Assessments
Answers to the Round the Room review we did.
Student worksheet for Round the Room review
This is the key to the QA MP1 study guide if you need it.
Students fill in the blanks to help them review. We will correct this in class. The tests are: AC 11/17; BD 11/20
These are the multiple choice questions you did for homework when we did Microscope Mania.
This was review you did for the Scientific Method test.
Microscope Documents
There are 2 sides!
Answer both sides on your own first and then use your NB to check.
Here is the blank to help you review
Quiz next week
Remember that low power is "scanning" power and is 4x; Medium power is "low" power and is 10x; High power is 40x. "Power of magnification" is really the "total magnification".
Use the Microscope Info. Sheet (NB 27) and your text pgs. 196-197 to help you answer the questions. On pg. B of the packet, you are labeling the diagram and then giving the function of each part listed on the bottom.
Use this to help you with descriptions of the microscope parts (How Microscopes help us,..Packet).
Make sure you answer all parts of each question.
Write your answers in complete sentences.
Label the microscope and answer the questions on the bottom.
Use these to help you review
Use this to help you focus your review.
Read and answer packet. You need a ruler and you may use a calculator.
Candy and Drink lab - this is also in Google Classroom. This is the lab we are doing in class on Thu., 10/5 and Fri., 10/6. If you are absent, you can do this on your own; you need a candy bar, ruler, drink, measuring cup, and a calculator.
Scientific Method
Steps missing are "analyze data" and "communicate results".
Use this and your binder NB pages 8 through now to help you review. Warm-ups, too
Use your vocabulary list as a word bank.
Answer the questions to help you review for the test.
Read the front and answer the back Q's. Remember, "variable" is the "independent variable"
Use your textbook and then OTHER resources to define the vocabulary concepts. Remember, the definitions should be about the scientific method.
Use the word bank to identify the tools. Read the inside pages to help you. Answer the questions on the back page of the packet, too.
Use your notebook and your textbook pages 174 - 179 to help you answer the front and the back.
NYS Safety guidelines we went over in class.
Look at the picture and answer the questions on the back.
This form needs to be signed and returned, please. Thank you.
Opening Day
Parent Contact form to be signed and returned, please.
End of Year Review
Human Body
Cell Division / Mitosis
Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration
Cell Transport (Diffusion, Osmosis, Active Transport)
Life Functions
Helicopter Lab
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