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  • Please have your child share their Blue Grade Sheet with you. There should be 14 assessments with grades listed.  Please sign, then have them bring them to their next math class. They will be collected! 
  • As we begin Marking Period 2, please replenish supplies: pencils, erasers, personal pencil sharpener, and calculators - if they are NOT in your child's pencil pouch.  
  • Also, please ask your child to share their Planner with you.  If they need another one, the Main Office has them for $6. Please ensure that they are writing their assignments in their Planner.
Note to Parents - Please periodically check the blue "Keeping Up with my Math Grades" summary in the front of your student's binder.  Compare the assessments they have listed to those recorded on the "Math Grades" tab of this website!
What Do I Need To Bring To Class?
  1 inch 3 ring binder

  Calculator (I recommend the TI 30-X IIS)

  Pencils, pencils and more pencils with erasers

  Loose leaf

  Zippered pencil pouch - to hold calculator, pencils,  and erasers

  4 Two-Pocket File Folders - to store completed work
  Each student is expected to bring the above materials to class EACH DAY,  along with their planner. 
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