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Keeping Up With My Math Grades
At the beginning of every marking period, each student will be provided with a BLUE "Keeping Track of My Math Grades" worksheet.  When assignments are returned, students will log their grades onto this document.  PLEASE 
NOTE:  In SchoolTool, I arrive at grades by using a weighted average;  the information on this summary will only allow students to approximate their math progress!
 At this time there should be  8  graded assignment(s)!
11/15, 16  Commission: What Have We Learned? /22
11/21, 27  Lesson 14 Sales Tax: What Have We Learned?  /16
11/30, 12/1 Lesson 14: Consumer Math Test /100
12/4, 12/5 Notebook Check: MP 2 /30 
12/8, 12/11 Simple Interest Quiz /67
12/12, 13  Adding Integers: What Have We Learned? /20
12/14, 13  Signature: __________________
12/19, 20  Integers Sprint #1   /20
12/21, 22 Integers Quiz /50
Disagree with a Grade Sheet?
Periodically throughout the year, students may be provided with a Grade Sheet from SchoolTool which will summarize their progress in math.  If a student wishes to dispute one (or more) posted grades, they should:

(1) Circle the grade in question on the Grade Sheet.
(2) Write a brief comment as to what is being disputed.
(3) Staple the homework/quiz/test in question for re-evaluation, and re-submit to Mrs.  Messina.



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