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Mrs. Hagan's
Science 8 Website 

What's Going On?
See Supply List link for list of supplies you will need for science class this year.

Homework is listed on the "Homework" page
 See Documents for handouts 
Cell Division - Cell Cycle and Mitosis (Ch. 2.3)
  • 2.3 Cell Division Vocabulary- PAST DUE 
  • Mitosis Diagrams Notes Project  due next class.  Students have had time to work on it in class and some completed it in class.   Due AC WED., 3/21; BD THU., 3/22 (depending on snow)
  • Mitosis and Cell Cycle Quiz - AC = Fri., 3/23; BD = Thu., 3/22
 Grades will be posted in Parent Portal

Please check your child's planner each week for notes and information.

Returned Work

MP 3  Returned Work
Students should be keeping track of grades and homework done on Table of Contents.   Grades are also posted in Parent Portal.
  • PS (Photosynthesis) Tickets Out (in Classroom) 
  • PS Coloring Diagram
  • PS Vocabulary Check
  • HW grade to  2/14 (4 HW's - 5 points each so total out of 20 points) - posted in Parent Portal
  • Quarterly Assessment #2 Grade (Parent Portal) - will be sent home on grade sheet soon) 
  • Cell Respiration Vocab. Check
  • Cell Respiration Ticket Out (in Classroom)
  • PS Quiz 
  • Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration Vocabulary Definitions grades
  • Cell Respiration Quiz 
  • Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration Test (PS/CR) - grades in Parent Portal) 
  • Cell Cycle Vocabulary Check (graded in class)


Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration Extra Credit MP3
Daily Supples
All students will need their divided binder with looseleaf, a pencil, and a blue or black pen in class EVERYDAY.  

Your binder for the Science 8 should be separated into 3 sections:

  1. Table of Contents (TOC)
    • This section will contain most of your work (homework, classwork, etc.)
    • These pages will be numbered.
    • Students should have their grades entered onto their Table of Contents sheet (pg. 1) in the "Grade" column
  2. Daily Warm-ups
  3. Science Journal / Strategies

Please Note: This website is used as a secondary source for all homework and assignments. It is the student's responsibility to write in their planners all assignments and test dates daily, then bring home any work. If the website is not updated, check the daily planner for the assignments. All assignments that are posted on the homework board in class are always due even if they are not present on the website. All major assignment due dates will be provided on this website, but sometimes daily homework is not!!! Thank you!
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