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Global History and Geography II
Embedded Image for:  (201472101038160_image.jpg) Welcome to Global History and Geography II. This year your child will be completing the Global History course they began in ninth grade. This course covers all areas except Australia, Canada and the United States. No other course covers so much information in so little time.

Your child will study the history of all the major regions of the world since the 17th century including:
  1. Scientific Revolution
  2. The Enlightenment
  3. The French Revolution
  4. Latin American Revolutions
  5. The Industrial Revolution
  6. Imperialism
  7. Nationalism
  8. WWI
  9. The Russian Revolution
  10. Nationalism Between the Wars
  11. WWII
  12. The Cold War
  13. The Chinese Communist Revolution
  14. The Collapse of Imperialism
  15. The Middle East
  16. The Collapse of Communism
  17. Latin America in the 20th and 21st Century
  18. The World Today
Additionally, were will have one to two weeks of review in preparation for the Global History Regents Exam in June. This transitional exam covers material from only the tenth grade Global course.
Homework for the Week

*Assignments may be revised if school is delayed or cancelled.*

Updated 1/10/18 

Imperialism HW Packet and Choice Project
Complete Reading Outlines (RO for All Countries) for Middle East (use Textbook), Africa and India (Imperialism Readings) first for 1/9 B or 1/10 G. Then do China and Japan (Imperialism Readings) for 1/11 B or 1/12 G. Directions, readings and outlines are on Google Classroom.

The Choice Project is due the class before the Unit Exam (1/16 B or 1/17 G). Everyone must do Motives foldable or poster and one other choice.  Directions are on Google Classroom.
 Industrial Revolution Thematic Essay
If you were absent before the break, you must complete the essay that was supposed to be done in class before the break. Essays completed at home will be graded harder than those completed in class. It is due by Friday 1/12. Essay directions and rubric are on Google Classroom. 

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