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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I address school notes?
Please address correspondence to me (Mrs. Burke.) I will pass along lunch money for accounts, attendance notes, and dismissal notes to the appropriate office. Please include the date and your child’s full name on all notes. This eliminates any confusion especially when a parent and child have a different last name.

What should I do if I need to change my child's dismissal procedure?
If for any reason your child will not be riding his/her regular bus home, you must send a note to school providing us with the necessary information. Please include your child’s full name on these notes. If your child is involved in an after-school activity that meets weekly, you may send in one note that is valid for the year indicating the meeting days. 

Early Dismissal Procedure: Please be sure that your child understands what to do in the case of an early dismissal. (You have provided this information to the school.) Please review this information with your child. He/she should know where to go and what person will care for him/her. Reviewing this procedure eliminates any panic and uncertainty on behalf of your child.  

What should I do with lunch checks?
When sending a check for your child’s lunch account, please be sure that you write your child’s name on the check. This eliminates any confusion for the cafeteria, especially in the case of students who have different last names than their parents.  

What is the homework policy in 2nd grade?
A homework packet is sent home on Monday and it is due back on Friday. Homework reinforces the concepts that are taught in our class lessons. The students are required to read for 20 minutes each night and they will record the books in a home reading log which is due each Friday.

Can my child hand out birthday party invitations in school?
It is school policy that a child may only hand out birthday invitations in school if there is one for every child in the class or if having a single gender party, an invitation for all the boys or all the girls in class. 

Is there Show & Tell in 2nd grade?
Each child will have a special "Star of the Week" and "Birthday Prince/Princess" Show & Share. Often students go on special trips and bring in items to share. I encourage this enthusiasm and I will allow the students to share the items in class, if time permits. Please refrain from sending breakable or valuable items. As per school policy, toys are not permitted in school. Your child is solely responsible for the care of any “show & share” items brought to school. 

Can my child have a water bottle in class?
I permit water bottles in my classroom as long as the students are responsible with them. The water bottles may not be refilled in the classroom throughout the day during the warm weather months. If your child’s water bottle spills in his/her backpack, you are monetarily responsible for any damage that occurs to school property such as library books. 

Is there a snack time in 2nd grade?
Please send a “5 minute” healthy snack for your child. Crackers, easy-to-eat fruit, cut veggies and yogurt are wonderful snacks. Please do not send in messy snacks, cookies, potato chips, or candy; as they will not be permitted during snack time. It is not mandatory to send a snack, but it is encouraged. Please keep in mind that at times we may pause for snack, while at other times we may have a working snack.  Our class is peanut/tree nut-free zone.

How are birthdays celebrated in 2nd grade?

We celebrate birthdays with a special birthday clip in the classroom.  The students may also bring in a special Show & Share item. Please feel free to send a goody bag to be passed out at the end of the day.  Please do not send any food items.  
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