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How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. Practice. Practice.

Math and Science

Thank you for visiting.  Please navigate and stay informed. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send me a message.

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The next day that I will be staying late for extra help is
Wednesday, February 14th.
Extra help on Wednesday, February 7th has been cancelled.
I will be staying until 3:00 pm.
Please make sure that your children are coming to school prepared for their day. This time of year is a good time to restock pencils, pens, loose-leaf, folders or notebooks. 
Be sure to check out our Practice Problem Page for a chance to win a prize!!! 
The end of the marking period means that students should be expecting Quarterly Assessments to be administered tomorrow and Monday. These will be a large part of their third marking period grade. STUDY!
If you send me a message through my contact page, please be sure to include your emails address in your response.  Thank you. 
Check out the Math and Science Notes!
Plan for Success!  Having materials and a positive attitude will help
most students to stay focused on our outcomes for each day.
Please read your notes. Read them again. Cover or shut your eyes, and see if you can remember what you read two times.  Do this with your study cards as well. A few minutes each night can go a long way with helping you to remember the information and concepts.
Please make sure that you have the following items each day:
   1.  pencil and eraser
   2.  2-inch binder
   3.  a pad or ream of graph paper that is 3-hole punched or a notebook with graph paper.
The second marking period ends on January 26th.
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