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9/7 and 9/8  Handbook Squares
9/18 and 9/19 Declaration of Independence Assignment in Google Classroom
9/19 and 9/20 - New Declaration of Independence in Google classroom 
9/29 and 10/2 - Congressional Handbook - (Students have been assigned portions of the Constitution, Article I to research in class - if absent email was sent on what their portion was) 
10/17 and 10/18  Presidential Essay 
10/20 - Google Response - Write the 28 Amendment; respond to one classmates post 
 10/23 and 10/24 - Amendment Article 
10/24 and 10/25   Growth of United States 
10/27 and 10/31   GIST Article - On google classroom due 11/2 (Gold) and 11/3 (Blue) 
11/13 and 11/14: Presentations for Land Lost by Native Americans, Timeline on Padlet and 11 research cards. Presentation counts for 20% and if not turned in by 11/17/17 no chance for make-up. All information is on the Webquest on Google Classroom
11/27 and 11/28: Middle Class Reformer Worksheet (graded classwork) 
12/4 and 12/5: Bio Poem for Middle Class Reformer due (assignment found on google classroom)
12/20  Take Home Essay on Reconstruction - (found on google classroom)
2/8 and 2/9 - Web Quest on Theodore Roosevelt  due 2/12 at 8 am on google classroom 
2/12 and 2/13 - Essay on Statehood of Puerto Rico   due 2/21 on google classroom by 2:06 pm
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TEST Imperialism February 28 and March 1

Study the following:
 imperialism, Panama Canal, commonwealth, protectorate, yellow journalism, annexation, possession,  Platt Amendment, Open Door Policy, economic arguments for expansion, Monroe Doctrine, Roosevelt Corollary, Dollar Diplomacy, Causes of Spanish American War, Results of Spanish American War - Treaty of Paris 1898, Pacific Region US Possessions, Caribbean Region US Possessions, annexation of Hawaii, Purchase of Alaska, Independence for Cuba,
World War I - MAIN, "spark which began WW I", Lusitania, Zimmerman Telegram, Selective Service Act, "peace without victory" Big Stick Policy, Wilson's Fourteen Points for Peace, Treaty of Versailles, reparations, victory bonds
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